Migrant Crisis & Crime (May 10, 2019 Edition): Germany: Two black men (20-25) attack a cycling 15-year-old girl and rape her in Bozen – Germany: Three out of a group of six “Southern” men attack and beat a woman with a pipe in Meschede. When she screamed for help they held her mouth close leading her to bite them to defend herself. – Germany: Nigerian kicks female police officer in the stomach as hard as he can in Landshut. – Who’s killing everybody? – Germany: Machete man (37) runs through park and injures teenagers in Worms. – Germany now has a Chechen mafia problem. Tens of thousands of them were taken in as “refugees” in Europe despite warnings from Russia that many of them are criminals and terrorists. – People still claim there is no Islamization taking place in Europe when this sort of behavior is commonplace now. – Populist Leader Stuns Elite: “Danes Are En Route to Becoming a Minority in Their Own Country” – Over 70 Migrants Drown After Departing War-Torn Libyan Coast For Italy

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