World News (Feb. 25, 2019 Edition): Bernie Calls For Socialist “Revolution” In America – Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” Would Cost $93 Trillion, Former CBO Director Says – Scientists Present New Artifact Evidence From An Arctic Island That Was 5-6°C Warmer 9000 Years Ago – India-Pakistan War: Pakistan Army Prepares For Conflict, Tells Hospitals To Be Ready – IDF Launches Surprise Military Drill Simulating War In Gaza – After Putin’s warning, Russian TV lists nuclear targets in U.S. – Gay & trans sex education to be taught to 5 year-olds in UK (and opting out is illegal) – US-backed opposition caught on VIDEO throwing Molotov cocktails at aid truck on Venezuela border – Pelosi Suffers Meltdown While Bashing Trump at US-Mexico Border – Ocasio-Cortez Warns Top Democrats: ‘We’re in Charge’

Miniature aerodynamic fins allow the GPS to steer the shell to within 160 feet of the target…

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