World News (Feb. 3, 2019 Edition): Bodycam Captures Militant Antifa Shot In The Head By Cops After Pulling Gun – Life-threatening blizzard for California: “Snow drifts could be more than 10 ft.” – Read The Secret Plan To Airlift The Queen Out Of London If ‘Hard Brexit’ Becomes A Reality – Venezuela’s Self-Declared President Reaches Out To China As Trump Repeats Military Force Is “An Option” – Totalitarianism: Buying A Hammer Now Makes You A Terrorist In The UK – “Black Monday” At GM: 4,000 Layoffs Expected This Week – “There Will Be Blood”: Antifa Leftists in Germany Publish Assassination Instructions as Part of 2019 Election Strategy – Russian Navy gets new weapon to induce ‘hallucinations’ and ‘blind’ the enemy.


Note: I (Robert Felix) agree with most of this article by Dr Foss. However, I do not, repeat, do not agree  with the idea that we should hope for global cooling. Nor do I expect  “steady but manageable global cooling until about mid-century.”

I fear that we could sink into the same  sort of misery, starvation, impoverishment, enslavement and deprivation  that accompanied the the Little Ice Age solar minimum. In fact, I worry  that things could get even worse than they were during the Little Ice  Age, because this time, the earth’s magnetic field strength (which  protects us), has been dropping precipitously.

Stephen Schneider…

Germany’s JUSOS = Young Socialists in the SPD…

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