Migrant Crisis & Crime (October 7, 2018 Edition): Europe has room for 3 to 4 BILLION refugees according to EU Commision Report – Germany: Girl (16) raped in the middle of the street by a foreigner. – Swedish journalist who writes about migrant violence threatened with his life… Police REFUSE to help – America’s Foster Care System Exposed As A Disguise For Child Sex Trafficking – Germany: Police are looking for two Arab boys (12,13) in Essen for the attempted robbery and attack and on two boys (10,11). – Germany: “Southern” man (42) pees against a woman (20), shakes his penis and laughs at her in Neumarkt. – The Islamisation of Rome: A shocking comparison between 1950 and 2010

And what could possibly go wrong?…


…at gunpoint if necessary!

….Yes, show them Muslims the f******* door!!!


Reader squodgy:

“Playing games or a sinister plot?”

To squodgy,

Le Pen, Wilders and the AfD are run by them Zionists (& Neocons), who are, coincidentally, the same people who are behind the migrant invasion.

Also take a look at the “alternative media”, like the Gatestone Institute…


Yes,… “It’s never an accident”

* * *

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