Germany: AfD politician arrested after he was accused of carrying pepper spray and refused to leave a protest. The AfD has issued a statement: It was a bodyguard not hired by him, who carried the pepper spray.

Aside from the fact that I have several reasons to believe that the AfD is nothing but controlled opposition and has been created by TPTB, is carrying pepper spray now illegal in Germany?

What’s next? Knives?

…unless you are a migrant, of course!!! That’s a different matter.

Make sure you carry at least a pen:

“Cold Steel Pocket Shark Pen” (No recommendation!)

In Germany I would at least add a Kubotan to my EDC:

Cold Steel 91MK Koga SD, Mini Koga SD2 (Recommended!)

Koga SD1 Made of High Impact Polymer – Good for Self Defense, Security and Sports.

* * *

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