Russia’s Floating Nuclear Power Plant Is a Harbinger of a Revolution

Destined to sink to the bottom of the sea during the coming (massive) earth changes…

Russia’s Floating Nuclear Power Plant Is a Harbinger of a Revolution:

A power plant of this kind has so many potential uses it’s certain the first of its kind will be far from its last

The world’s first floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) has just been launched from the Baltiysky Zavod in Saint-Petersburg. It will be towed for fueling in Murmansk, and then go on to provide power to the Arctic town of Bilibino in the Russian Far East, where the local NPP is due for decommissioning in 2019.

Autistic screeching from atomophobes regardless, there’s plenty of reasons why this is a very competitive idea.

1. It’s surprisingly cheap: The Akademik Lomonosov, the first FNPP of its kind, costs only $250 million, and it should get even cheaper. Development costs are low – ultimately, it’s just a primitive barge with a reactor mounted on it, of the sort that are already used by Rosatom’s nuclear icebreaker fleet, as well as storage compartments for new and used fuel. Rosatom is one of Russia’s more efficient state-owned behemoths, so I don’t see all the money disappearing down a rathole (as would be the case if say Sechin was in charge).

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