The political obscenity of the week is Boris Johnson’s disgraceful attempt to compare Vladimir Putin’s 2018 World Cup with Adolf Hitler’s 1936 Olympics – i.e. giving legitimacy to a fascist dictator. Quite apart from Putin’s repeated election and current 76% vote in an election contested by Nationalist, Communist and “Liberal” parties in nationwide debates, if there is one thing certain about Putin’s Communist Party education it is his total indoctrination about the evils of Fascism.

His own family suffered terribly in the Second World War and his country suffered – with over 20m deaths – far more than any other ally against Nazi Germany. Boris Johnson is – unbelievably – the British Foreign Secretary and together with Theresa May has had a very bad week. The UK behaviour in the Skripal poisoning case has been ignorant, deceitful, illegal and a complete contravention of the Chemical Weapons Convention procedures.

If anyone can be compared with Nazi Germany it is NATO and the EU who funded the overthrow of a democratically elected Ukrainian Government, helped to organise a Russophobia extreme nationalist movement which has so far led to the deaths of 10,000 Russian speaking Ukrainians and Russians in East Ukraine and which has destroyed the democratic constitutions of countries freed from the Soviet Empire. NATO and the EU have stood by or actively encouraged fascist movements in Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Ukraine where Nazi and Fascist second world war insignia, flags and torch lit marches now feature within the EU and its “neighbourhood” protectorates.


Israel, Germany, France, the European Union, the USA, Finland, Greece and Israel have all congratulated Vladimir Putin on his re-election.

Russia welcomed the “wise stance” by Israel but the UK Embassy in Moscow said that

“We expect strong statements from all close partners, Israel included”

So here is Britain’s Foreign Secretary accusing Putin (who has good relations with Israel) of Nazism while we attack the Jewish State for not attacking Russia!

The msm fake news has been running overtime on the Skripal case. The Times had reported that 40 people in Salisbury needed treatment because of poisoning. But Steven Davies, a Consultant in emergency medicine, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust” wrote to the paper contradicting that report:

“no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury and there have only been ever been three patients with significant poisoning.”


The German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a telegram to Vladimir Putin:

“Dear Mr. President, with all my heart I congratulate you on your next re-election as Russian president,”

“Today, it is vitally important to continue dialogue and maintain relations between our countries and nations. With this in mind, we should take efforts for constructive work on major bilateral and international problems to find proper solutions. I wish you success in your work to resolve the tasks facing you,”

Not exactly declaring a new cold war on Russia, a la May!

In a statement the Elysee Palace said that French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Vladimir Putin by telephone to congratulate him on his landslide victory in the presidential election. Donald Trump rang to congratulate Putin on his victory:

“We had a very good call. We will probably be meeting in the not-too-distant future.”


And the European Commission – in the form of its President Juncker also congratulated Putin. The latest news is that the European Council has “withdrawn its ambassador to Russia for consultations”. In other words for a few days! – a very mild step indeed. Naturally until there is some real proof of the nature of the poisoning (the Bath NHS Consultant having caused even more doubts), the poison used, its origins and the adjudication of the UK’s accusations by the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons, the EU is not prepared to act as grotesquely as May and Johnson.

The European Council condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent attack in Salisbury, expresses its deepest sympathies to all whose lives have been threatened and lends its support to the ongoing investigation.

This is an overt hint that Mrs May must show evidence and make her case before the relevant international bodies or lose the support of the EU. Or at the very least the EU will mutter words about “disgrace” but not actually do anything against Russia!

If the Russian Government is found to have developed, stored and used a chemical nerve agent then the whole international system for weapons control is a farce. As we pointed out in the last post the OPCW declared Russia free of chemical weapons last September.

Johnson’s latest accusation, as Craig Murray the former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan (where the Novichok group were supposed to have been stored prior to the USA cleaning up the facility) has written, was incredibly

“released not to Parliament on Friday, but on Andrew Marr’s sofa early on a Sunday morning, backed up with a Sunday morning official statement? This is very unusual.”

Murray says that his Foreign Office contacts knew nothing of this accusation, so it must have been provided at short notice by an informer:

In short, we should be extremely sceptical of this sudden new information that Boris Johnson has produced out of a hat. If the UK was in possession of intelligence about a secret Russian chemical weapons programme, it was not under a legal obligation to tell Andrew Marr, but it was under a legal obligation to tell the OPCW.

Neither the Russian Government nor the British courts, nor the OPCW, nor the UK’s Allies nor the British people have been presented with the evidence, the chemical agent used nor the evidence which links the attack to Russia – not least because the supposed poison could have been manufactured anywhere and the USA and the UK inter alia had certain access to it.

If we wish to condemn another country, we must show good cause, follow the evidential principles of British law, obey international conventions, keep allies fully informed and act responsibly before we make dramatic accusations, compare the said country with Nazi Germany, expel diplomats and draw our Allies into a confrontation with a nuclear power on the borders of Europe!

H/t reader eric:

“Is this a sign of desperation by the jewish Deep State establishment?”

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