‘Hell That Repeats Itself’: US Base in Portugal Might Be Spreading Cancer

‘Hell That Repeats Itself’: US Base in Portugal Might Be Spreading Cancer:

More and more inhabitants of Portugal’s Terceira Island are suffering from deadly diseases, especially cancer, at rates far out of sync with the rest of the Azores archipelago. Terceira is no different from the other islands, except in one thing. Russia-based video agency RUPTLY has carried out an exclusive investigation into this matter.

Lajes Airbase

The Lajes Airbase on Terceira Island has hosted the United States’ 65th Air Base Group for decades now. Ever since World War II it has been considered one of the most convenient bases: an airstrip in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, strategically situated between the US and Europe.

Serving as a midpoint refuelling station for US aviators, it contains a vast numbers of fuel tanks and other storage facilities. Local scientists say that over the course of its exploitation, there have been several major spills that could have contaminated local waters, aquifers and soil. To make things even scarier, inhabitants have been ringing alarm over alleged deadly nuclear activity in the base — while officials have remained silent.

H/t reader eric:

“Looks like everyone is fair game to the US Deep State Zionist Foreign Policy.

I recall the brave, nay valiant Greenham Common women protestors trying to stop the US having Cruise Missiles based there.

As a result of US Microwave targeting, they suffered a 50% loss due to mysterious cancers.

So it really comes as no surprise to see the Azores Islands are polluted with cancer causing deposits courtesy of Uncle sam.

Thanks again America. So nice to have that ‘special relationship’…bollox!”

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