As Markets Roar American Poverty Soars

As Markets Roar American Poverty Soars

H/t reader squodgy:

“Needs exposing more.
Many years ago after the U.K. Greenham Common Women’s protests against U.K. based US cruise missiles, the protestors suffered a 50% Cancer rate which it turned out was thanks to the US Airforce bombarding them with microwaves.
Forward ten years to the flood of tramps and homeless around Brighton, near London, and the local council employed a van with a microwave transmitter to roam the streets in the early hours. It seems the microwaves cause such physical distress the victims of this abuse shuffle away…as per the plan.
The U.K. government is wonderful where empathy & compassion are concerned……erm!
Looks like LA and the growing national army of the great unwashed needs to be aware of how they will be treated by the caring government.”

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