Poverty and Ignorance enable Hierarchical Societies

Poverty and Ignorance enable Hierarchical Societies:

The biggest hoaxes in the world of politics are played upon people who decide to ignore reality.

Right now, Brazil is at the gates of electing former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, even though he is under investigation for corruption.

Wars are waged to make sure that the traditional structure of society remains intact.

Political leaders are put in place to make murder sound reasonable.

Politicians count on people being ignorant and out of touch to launch their wars of aggression against weak, inoffensive sovereign states.

The biggest hoaxes in the world of politics are played upon people who decide to ignore reality.

People who willfully elect politicians that sell them as debt slaves deserve all they get and then some.

An example of the situation described above was David Cameron’s speech in Britain, where he claimed that people who opposed murdering civilians in Syria were “terrorist sympathizers”.

He said in front of a full house, without biting his tongue and without hesitation. When asked to apologize, he refused.

The same happened after 9/11 in the United States, where George W. Bush used a similar statement to divide and conquer.

Bush said that the world had to choose. Countries would have to be either with the United States or against it.

His speech prompted loud applause from neocons all over America, as it meant that the country was going to war.

Anyone who showed the slightest opposition to the new rules was immediately ostracized and attacked by the mainstream media dogs.

Bush’s plan to divide and conquer continued into the Obama administration.

“He built this racial divide. It was a wound that had been healing for a number of years, a number of decades […] and he reopened it with his divisive politics,” said Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

The result of both Bush’s and Obama’s policies has been more unnecessary murder, war, and countries that are torn apart due to American and British foreign policy.

While Obama is now known for his executive murders, Bush was more of the type who would send the whole cavalry to kill innocents.

In the case of Britain, it has not been different. Under David Cameron, Britain has been bombing Syria during its partnership with the US and other European nations.

Britain, together with France and the United States are well-known for their imperialistic nature.

The new vote in the British Parliament to allow David Cameron to continue murdering innocents in Syria, by a vote of 397 to 223 will simply make the war crimes official.

“He knows full well Britain’s involvement is naked aggression on sovereign Syria, its infrastructure, other government targets, perhaps military ones to follow, and its entire population, suffering hugely since Obama illegally declared war in March 2011,” says Stephen Lendman.

Europe’s desperate launch of a new war in Syria is a testament to France and Britain’s incompetence to deal with their own security as well as their complicity in waging war on civilian populations.

“Russia’s campaign fully complies with international law – following Assad’s request for help in battling terrorism, focusing solely on ISIS and other takfiri targets throughout the country, scrupulously avoiding civilian casualties – polar opposite how Washington and coalition partners operate, killing more noncombatants than militants in all their wars,” remembers Lendman.

As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains, “While the “free Western media” cheers, their Western “democratic” governments sell out the people of the Western world to corporate tyranny”, which undoubtedly includes the military industrial complex and the neocons who support the perpetual state of war.

As George Orwell said, “wars are not meant to be won, they are meant to be continuous.”

There is no doubt that a hierarchical society, such as the one we live in, is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance, and wars are waged to make sure that the traditional structure of society remains intact.

“It seems we’re well down the road to societal collapse, with extensive government hand-outs, hidden >20% unemployment, de-industrialisation,>30% poverty, militarised police everywhere, media propagandised disinformation or total avoidance of truth reporting,

Add to that mess the continued relentless warmongering, the coming food shortage issues linked to climate and climate interference and a probable compounding via the grand solar minimum.

Plus the relentless slick marketing of consumerism leading to millennials continuing the erroneous 70’s through 90’s prioritising of fashion as against essential items.

Stir that lot up and add the long term effects of dumbing down, vaccine poisoning, gut rotting GMO “food”, and finally the wealth disparity, and there will be trouble because the peasants are soon to be revolting.”

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