German Energy Policy Gone Lost: “Energiewende Has Failed,” Writes Leading Environmentalist

German Energy Policy Gone Lost: “Energiewende Has Failed,” Writes Leading Environmentalist:

n an opinion piece at the Mittel Bayerische daily, Harry Neumann, National Chairman of the environmental group Naturschutzinitiative e.V. declares Germany’s Energiewende (transition to renewable energies) a failure and writes: “The wind power industry and nature protection cannot be reconciled.”

Moreover Germany’s EEG green energy feed-in act is doing more harm than good, writes Neumann: “The EEG is impeding the research of environmentally compatible technologies.”

Neumann also notes that despite having installed close to 30,000 wind turbines, Germany’s “CO2 emissions are not dropping, but rather are rising again.” He adds:

During the expansion of renewable energies, they failed from the start to set impact limits too protect nature, species, forests and landscapes.”

He also blasted what he calls the “political-industrial complex“, which he says has nothing to do with nature and climate protection, “but rather with the full exploitation of billions in subsidies“.

In Neumann’s view, the wind industry and nature protection “cannot be reconciled” and thus calls for the immediate repeal of the EEG feed-in act.

Veteran journalist: German energy policy fraught with absurdities

On another note, veteran German science journalist Michael Miersch explains in an interview conducted by Dr. Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation the sheer absurdity and widespread damage German renewable energies are having on the environment.

When asked about the current status and dialogue surrounding the Energiewende, Miersch tells Peiser:

I would like the debate to be less ideological and to be held with less moral rigor. Nowadays you cannot criticize the Energiewende without being put into a corner and being accused of not caring about global climate change.”

He cites the U.S. as a model of how to go about energy policy:

If you think about the US for example, they have achieved a lot in terms of CO2 reduction with gas power plants. There are very few gas power plants in Germany. They are building hardly any new ones.”

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