The Transition Begins, The World Economic Structure Is About To Change

The Transition Begins, The World Economic Structure Is About To Change – Episode 1452:

The central banking system is trying to convince the world that the UK will not do as well as the EU when they leave. During the holiday season Toys R Us will be closing somewhere around 200 stores. We are seeing the same thing we saw in the markets back in 1997 & 2007 and in 2017,this will not end well. Saudi Arabia propped itself up by spending money they never had, now its coming to an end. The end of the petro-dollar is getting closer, the petro-yuan finished its testing and will most likely go live during Christmas. Trump now is pushing the strategy of trade. Certain Senators will benefit tremendously from the tax bill. Putin explains that change is coming and Russia will need to make changes in the economy etc. North Korea will discuss their nuclear program. Russia sees the IS being transported to Afghanistan, this will be the final battle. South Korea wants to delay military drills until after Olympics. The cabal is pushing the idea that NK is behind the Wannacry malware, proof is lacking, just like in the Sony hack. This is being used to push the doomsday event. The corporate media has admitted that the US plans and orchestrates false flags.

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