Anomalies in Vegas Mass Shooting Call for Open Investigation

Anomalies in Vegas Mass Shooting Call for Open Investigation:

Rather than providing answers to what actually happened in Las Vegas when “lone wolf” Stephen Paddock allegedly fired hundreds of shots into a festival crowd from a hotel room window above the Las Vegas Strip, officials have been evasive, fueling citizen journalists’ investigations of the events. Why are officials apparently so uneasy with details surrounding this event, and why has mainstream media stopped covering what is allegedly the largest massacre by an individual in U.S. history?

H/t reader squodgy.

“Two months later, continued media silence.

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1 thought on “Anomalies in Vegas Mass Shooting Call for Open Investigation”

  1. Just a question:
    Were the wounded people left on the ground bleeding without medical help for some long time?
    Or is it just an information noise?
    I’ve seen a photo of corpses on ground there, all people already left (which means many minutes after incident?), and no medical help there.


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