Israel Uses Live Fire Against Palestinian Protesters

Israel Uses Live Fire Against Palestinian Protesters:

‘On Thursday, armed only with stones and their indomitable spirit against longstanding injustice, ignited by Trump’s pronouncement for Israel, its soldiers and police used water cannons, toxic tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades, and live fire against them across the West Bank.

In response to a rocket from Gaza landing harmlessly in an open field, an Israel tank shelled the Strip. IDF warplanes terror-bombed Hamas targets, its government having nothing to do with the incident.

Scores of Palestinians were injured, at least nine from live fire, some hospitalized with serious wounds. Things are likely to be worse after Friday prayers, tens of thousands of Palestinians expected to protest.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) commented on Trump’s outrageous move, saying the following:

“…Jerusalem’s legal status (is) codified (under) international law according to (UN) resolutions, (an) International Court of Justice (ruling), and…154 (nations) vot(ing) in favor of recognizing the state of Palestine on the territory occupied in 1967, including Jerusalem.”

The PCHR called Trump’s move “a new Balfour Declaration,” 100 years after the first one by Britain, this one by America – both actions that will live in infamy.

The legal Palestinian right to East Jerusalem as its legitimate capital cannot be changed by Trump, Netanyahu or anyone else. Declaring it otherwise is a criminal act, flagrantly violating international law, including UN resolutions and Geneva Conventions.’

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