Muslims taking over UK. This is unbelievable to watch. You had better wake up folks! (Video) – #Islam, #Muslims, #Islamization


Muslims are legally invading Europe and being aloud by the governments to basically do what they like and get what they want. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS, THE VERY PEOPLE WE ARE SUPPOSEDLY AT WAR WITH, ARE LEGALLY BEING LET BACK INTO THE VERY COUNTRIES THAT ARE FIGHTING AGAINST THEM. If that is not a security threat, then i don’t know what is. Folks !!! i understand what is going on, i only put up these video’s in the hope that some of you will wake up. War is coming soon, it will be Islam against Christianity, and this is what the the global satanic elite scum bags want, and have been planning for a very long time. And only G-D is holding everything back. There is not much time left. Donald Trump has put the brakes on their plans, but don’t take this time for granted, keep this man in your prayers, and pray for his safety. And you must get your house in order, while you still can, you are not promised another day.
H/t reader squodgy.

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