Fukushima Now Equal To 50 Plus Chernobyls & 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses Of Radiation


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Fukushima Now Equal To 50 Plus Chernobyls & 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses Of Radiation


H/t reader squodgy:

“50 Chernobyls eh? Hmmm!
When I first heard about Fukushima I bought a small Geiger Counter to keep tabs. It reads in MicroSeiverts per hour (thousandths of a Seivert). One Seivert of exposure is lethal.
The Government “safe limit” in MicroSeiverts was .05 before Fukushima. They have now raised that “safe limit” to 0.1!!!!!!!

Initially, before the steady spread of the Fukushima Radiation, the average reading was .007 McSvrts. Then it started climbing steadily up to .011 and by 2016 it averaged .014, twice the background ‘normal’ level.

Today, a beautiful, dry, sunny day in Northern UK, and the reading rapidly rose to .019, or 270% background normal levels in six years.

Extrapolating that in linear mode by 2050, the readings could reach the old ‘safe limit’. I’ll be long gone anyway!

However, as Caesium isotope 137 (the most abundant form of radiation emitted by the meltdown) has a half life of 30 years, the exposure limit may be delayed slightly.

Alternatively, if the output is cumulative as it seems to be, then an increase of 270% in six years leads to 1350% in 32 years, which potentially takes us all into the ‘over the new safe limit’ level, and well over the original safe limit even after taking the ‘half life’ into effect, unless of course they raise to new safe limit again as blisters appear on our skin.

As expected, based on TEPCO’s admission, they are all in uncharted waters and know not what to do for the best, it is safe to assume the radiation cloud will continue unabated, travelling around the Northern Hemisphere, and accumulating in our air.


Either way, best get the grandkids on Iodine & Bananas!”

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