Majority Rejects stripping Catalonia of Autonomy

Majority Rejects stripping Catalonia of Autonomy:

The application that is being carried out of Article 155 on Catalan autonomy finds a majority rejection in public opinion.

More than 56% of those consulted disapprove of the application of 155. The positions of the respective groups of electors are quite unanimous.

Among voters who support independence, more than 90% reject the application of 155. Meanwhile, those who support the oppressive regime in Madrid, massively suppport its dictatorial measures.

Strong support for New Elections

Despite the clear rejection to stripping Catalonia of its autonomy, the call for early elections on December 21 does have broad support.

Almost 60% approve of the call for Catalan elections on 21-D, compared to less than 36% who disapprove of that call.

For example, almost 30% of the voters of the ERC and almost 40% of those of the PDECat support the holding of elections, with 20% of those of the CUP also approving of it.

Not surprisingly, a majority of between 60% and 70% of the sovereignty electorate rejects that electoral call.

On the other hand, the support is almost unanimous, exceeding 90%, among the voters of Ciutadans, PSC and PP. Almost 60% of the voters of CatComú approve the 21-D elections. but 40% reject them.

Finally, the responsibilities on the lack of dialogue are fairly distributed, although more than 42% blame the central government, compared to less than 20% who blame that situation on Catalan leaders.

A total of 32% of those consulted blame both governments for the absence of a dialogue.

By intention to vote, the positions are predictable. Among sovereignist voters, more than 80% blame the central government exclusively and only 10% point to both governments.

On the other hand, the voters of the rest of the formations share more responsibilities. Thus, almost 50% of the voters of Ciutadans blame the Govern, close to 40% blame both and only 10% blame the central government of Madrid.

Among those of the PSC, 52% hold both governments responsible.

Massive call for releasing Madrid’s Political Prisoners

On Sunday morning, thousands of Catalans gathered in the squares and town halls of all the cities to ask for the freedom of the consellers and the ‘Jordis’ by papering the streets with posters.

Convened by Òmnium and ANC and marked by the absence of the presidents of both entities, Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart, detained since October 16, the appointment served to vindicate the Catalan institutions and condemn the action of the Spanish Government in the application of the Article 155 of the Constitution.

In Barcelona, ??the call gathered thousands of people in the Plaza Universitat, from where representatives of the two social entities have addressed attendees before.

The concentration in Barcelona has been a success and the 30,000 posters that the organization had taken to distribute among attendees was quickly handed out.

During the morning, members of the activist platform ‘Anonymous’ and some Catalan politicians such as Gabriel Rufián have also participated in the demonstration.

In Girona the concentration took place in the Plaza del Vi. The neighbors have been able to post posters asking for the release of all the prisoners in a festive atmosphere, although without losing sight of the complicated moment that Catalonia is going through.

Therefore, the city, immersed in the popular festivities, has decided to suspend the fireworks this year.

In the rest of the country, the town halls of all the towns and cities have been the epicenter of this activity of protest. This is the second time that they are promoting this initiative. The first occasion served to defend the referendum held on October 1.

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