Las Vegas Mass Shooting Staged And Then Hijacked By NWO Globalist Cabal

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Staged And Then Hijacked By NWO Globalist Cabal:

HARVEST Massacre of Patriots:
A False Flag and Partial Hoax
Where More Were Killed and
Wounded Than Reported

LAS VEGAS, NV – OCTOBER 01: A person lies on the ground covered with blood at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

A Hoax Blended With Reality Doesn’t Mean ‘Nobody Died’

“The Vegas false flag was an obvious black op carried out by the U.S. Intel Community and Secret Services in collusion with the FBI and rogue elements in local law enforcement.  Just because the C.I.A. directed this ongoing psyop doesn’t mean that everything about it is a hoax.  They used crisis actors at the concert venue, as well as phony security personnel and mercenary municipal police to completely control the crime scene.  That doesn’t translate to ‘nobody died’ however.  The perps blended the real massacre with fake news reporting to confuse the patriot movement.  It’s quite likely that many more than 58 were killed in the minutes after the slaughter on the field.  This raw interview corroborates those carefully hidden pieces of the black operation.  This well-planned mass shooting was, after all, a highly orchestrated ritual sacrifice that was specifically timed for Sunday, October 1st and located on the old Route 91 right in front of the Luxor pyramid, sphinx and obelisk.”

— Former U.S. Army Officer and Current Intelligence Analyst 

The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino can be seen on the left between the palm trees.

State of the Nation

Alt Media reflexively falls for all the post
false-flag propaganda and fictitious narrative
planted by Deep State that says ‘nobody died’.
However, the evidence does exist which refutes
such utter nonsense.  As follows:
Emerging Alt Media narrative that ‘nobody died’
in Vegas is categorically debunked

What’s really going on with the Las Vegas mass shooting?  It’s a HUGE psyop! Don’t fall for it.  Yes, it was also a false flag and partial hoax, but evidence is now emerging which indicates that more concert-goers died than finally reported by the mainstream media.

First, the Illuminati conducts a real live human sacrifice of American patriots right in front of the Luxor pyramid and sphinx under the ‘gaze’ of their all-seeing eye. LAS VEGAS SACRIFICE: The Incredible Back Story Designed To Cover Up The Shocking Truth

Then, the same perps cynically planted the story within the Alt Media that ‘nobody died’ at one of the worst massacres in U.S. history.  Actually, the US government’s attack on the Branch Davidians at the end of the Waco siege produced far more fatalities.  That 1993 armed invasion by the FBI and ATF saw men, women and children ruthlessly killed and wounded just like the HARVEST, only that slaughter of innocents ended in a massive conflagration.  The 1993 Waco Siege and Massacre by the U.S. Government Exposed

Jaded Alt Media

The disinfo, misinfo and false info have been so fast and furious that now some websites in the Alt Media are promoting the story that ‘nobody died’ in Las Vegas.

These alternative journalists are clueless about the fact that people can still be murdered at a false flag like the HARVEST even if a hoax is being run at the same time.  As a matter of fact, the most effective CIA-directed, FBI-controlled black operations are those where many innocent bystanders are brutally killed, but there are also many others who are unhurt crisis actors.  An intentional blending of the two is what makes these psyops especially deceptive and misleading.

Las Vegas Mass Shooting: False Flag, PsyOp & Black Op to Distract

The essential issue here is that various Alt Media sites have been conscripted to advance the untrue narrative that ‘nobody died’.  Not only do these journalists do a great disservice to the heroes who died or are seriously injured, they do extraordinary harm to the truth movement.

The denials of gunshot killings have outraged many people who were caught in the crossfire and whose loved ones and friends are no longer with us. Given the tragedy for the survivors and families of the dead, it is grotesque to deny what happened, especially when the perpetrators have already announced that the next strike is going to be against San Francisco.

It is therefore not just insensitive to cast doubts on the pain of the victims, but nay-saying is stupid from a public security standpoint. Denial is helping the terrorists to escape and as such the deniers are essentially taking the side of terrorism. If that’s the way it’s going to be, don’t expect anyone to risk their lives to rescue an armchair theorist.
(Source: False Flag [and Hoax] Theories Crash Into Brutal Realty In Las Vegas)

In light of this disturbing situation, it’s imperative for those with clear thinking to keep the record straight.  So many upstart journalists want to make a name for themselves by proposing some new angle that makes them sound so smart.  Other longtime and accomplished super-sleuths also fall prey to the need to distinguish themselves from their peers.  In any case, the temptation to downplay or trivialize what really happened in Las Vegas must be resisted.  It truly was, is, and will forever be a decisive event in the continuity of the American Republic.

A Full-Blown Terror Attack Took Place

Regardless of what the real facts are regarding the Vegas mass shooting, one thing can be stated with absolute certainty.  Everyone at the HARVEST Music Festival venue experienced a shocking terrorist attack.  Whether it was staged by Mandalay Bay’s owner MGM of Hollywood fame in collaboration with the CIA or just the FBI, it was meant to terrorize the heck out of everyone.  Which it did!

As a matter of fact, those Country & Western fans were quite deliberately terrorized by this fastidiously executed event for very specific reasons.  Therefore, it should be considered a domestic terror attack for law enforcement purposes, yet it’s not.

Why isn’t it?

That’s a very good question that must be answered by the FBI and the Trump administration.  Until this mass shooting is correctly labeled, it will be used by those who designed it to further terrorize and control the American people.  Here’s a comprehensive report on this matter: MANDALAY MASSACRE: A Special Report On The Las Vegas Terror Attack & Mass Casualty Incident

What’s the critical point?

The HARVEST Massacre will forever be known as the 9/11 of Sin City, just as geoengineered Hurricane Harvey was Houston’s 9/11.  Both of these terror events were manufactured to produce a particular result, although there are always various objectives for each of them.  Clearly, the Las Vegas shooting was a bold and reckless attack on the patriot movement.  They were the chosen target because of what they represent to the globalists.  In fact, the Trump movement, especially, constitutes the single biggest threat to the NWO agenda on the planet today.

Sacrifice & Martyrs

The grim reality of the Las Vegas shooting is that those murdered patriots were sacrificed by the Illuminati overlords of Deep State.  Then, the same martyrs were profoundly disrespected by the agents of Deep State who planted the false story that no one died at the HARVEST.  It is the Alt Media that has given that story legs in a way that has dishonored the fallen.  This is has proven to be an unmitigated tragedy for the movement and the future of the Republic.

The best way to terminate a movement is to kill its heroes, both physically and figuratively.  By circulating the falsehood that ‘nobody died’, the sacrifice of those martyrs has been greatly diminished.  The C.I.A. controllers know full well that there cannot be any martyrs to come out of the October 1st slaughter.  So they work overtime — 24/7 — to ensure that they are all referred to as fake ‘crisis actors’.  The intel agencies were able to spin this story because there really were crisis actors at the HARVEST whose mission was to delegitimize the whole tragic episode.[1]

Do you see how this works?

Shooting aftermath at the HARVEST music venue in Las Vegas, NV on Sunday, October 1, 2017

The spooks at Langley think they have it all set up so that a new rallying cry will never be shouted out across the land as it should be:

“R E M E M B E R  the  H A R V E S T !” 

Las Vegas Massacre is the Patriot Movement’s 9/11

It’s crucial for the patriots to understand that the Las Vegas massacre was a 9/11 level terrorist attack.  It’s also of paramount importance to be aware that the patriot movement was targeted with a vengeance by the NWO cabal, the Soros machine, the Democratic Party, the Bush-Clinton-Obama-Podesta Crime Family, the U.S. Intelligence Community, among other vindictive parties.  It really doesn’t get any more serious than the bloodbath that occurred in front of the Mandalay Bay.  Many folks are understandably still shell-shocked by it all, as they ought to be.

Nevertheless, only when the American people wake up to this hard truth will the direly needed process of investigation and prosecution begin in earnest.  There can be no shirking of this civic responsibility lest the Trump movement suffer many more assaults that are just as deadly and destructive.  Hence, there is a great need to understand that the government is literally killing its own citizens.  And that many more folks will be killed if those responsible for Vegas are not held accountable.[2]

Just like 9/11 was never investigated by the appropriate U.S. authorities, nor was anyone of note ever prosecuted, great initiative has been taken to ensure the same neglect in Las Vegas.  In fact, the perps have used their trolls and shills throughout the alternative news realm to distribute — both wittingly and unwittingly — several false narratives.  Here’s how this media manipulation by proxy has worked:

The Alt Media has been severely oppressed by all the large social media platforms to the extent that monetization has cratered.  As needed revenues drop precipitously, journalistic standards relax significantly.  In order to stay in business, the alternative news websites will do just about anything.  In this way, a LOT of sensational fake news, which is passed off as the next big story, is frequently  disseminated by the Alt Media just as the MSM makes up fake news daily.  However, in both instances, it’s not just fake news clickbait, it’s purposeful prefab propaganda contrived by the C.I.A.

The above phenomenon is quite common, however, it represents only one way in which the Alt Media is infected with CIA-fabricated journalism.  There are so many vectors of dissemination to and from alternative news platforms that some websites have closed up shop because they know it’s impossible to erect a fail-safe filter of fake news.

Photo before British troops opened fire at the Jallian Wala Bagh (Amritsar) Massacre, India, April 13, 1919.

Amritsar Massacre: A Historical Parallel

Everyone knows that it was the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi within the Indian independence movement that was pivotal in emancipating the subcontinent of India from British rule.  What very few do know is that it was the Amritsar Massacre of 1919 that sufficiently galvanized that people-powered, grassroots freedom movement.

The utterly barbaric Amritsar Massacre took place in Jallianwala Bagh—a public garden in the city of Amritsar which is located in the Punjab state of India.  The local British government at the time was temporarily overseen by Brigadier General R.E.H. Dyer.  Shortly after arriving from the local Jalandhar Cantonment, Dyer ordered the outright slaughter of peaceful celebrators who were participating in various festivities on Sunday, April 13, 1919.  Hundreds were killed instantly; thousands were cut down by rifle fire with nowhere to run to.

This single act of naked violence against innocent civilians by the government was the defining moment of India’s eventual independence from the British Empire.  From that historic moment forward at Jallianwala Bagh, every Indian knew that it was just a matter of time before the Brits were expelled from the country.  And so they were.  Although British imperialism has continued to wreak havoc through the partitioning of Pakistan from India proper.

Perhaps even fewer realize that the United States of America is now confronted with the very same forces that India faced throughout the last century.  Gandhi was well aware that the true enemy was British imperialism.  (Yes, the Brits still control their former American  colony!)  And the Mahatma’s core group of peaceful revolutionaries used Amritsar, whenever necessary, to motivate the Indian people to take back their power from the tyrannical English military.

Now fast forward to 2017.  The parallels are both striking and undeniable.  A vicious attack is carried out by the government at an annual American music festival.  Everyone is blindsided as there are numerous deaths and many others are seriously wounded.  Just like Amritsar, there was no place to run.  At the HARVEST, the few escape routes seemed to lead to more gunfire, just as they did at Jallianwala Bagh.  Lastly, multiple shooters have been asserted by several witnesses surrounding the music venue.

At the end of the day, it will be proven that this black operation positioned shooters in more than one hotel, as well as gunmen on the ground right at the music venue.  It has also been proposed that a drone was used to fire shots into the crowd.  Some have even identified an individual on top of the stage backdrop who may have had a weapon.

KEY POINT: There’s no question that those who produced the “HARVEST Sacrifice” did so without ever believing they might be found out.  Their problem now is keeping the lid tightly on a massive and unwieldy coverup.  Law enforcement circles around the country are usually quite well connected to each other, just as former military are.  This close fraternity actually extends around the world and will surely piece together what happened at the Mandalay Bay that evening.  The same patriot network is fully capable of figuring out what suspiciously transpired at other hotels and casinos in Vegas that same night.

Special Note:
The intelligence community knows that the Alt Media are onto them.  Investigative journalists are able to figure out their plots and schemes with startling speed and accuracy.  Hence, the NWO conspirators are changing tactics.  They are now forced to employ even more deceitful techniques to confuse the deep researchers and intel analysts.  This predicament is creating division throughout the truth movement by purposeful design.  Many are now endlessly debating inconsequential data points when they ought to be tracking down the true perpetrators.  The most important thing that truth seekers can do is not let TPTB divide and conquer US.  We must make common cause toward chasing  them all out of Washington, D.C. with “torches and pitchforks”.


The HARVEST Sacrifice ought to be firmly acknowledged for the nation-altering event that it was.  As such, it needs to be recognized as an unparalleled opportunity to energize the patriot movement.  It’s highly unlikely that the perps will try to pull off another one of these mass casualty incidents.  They certainly have their hands full with trying to keep the flawed official narrative together.  In the face of so much evidence that reflects a clear-cut government-sponsored terrorist operation, would they implement another one?

Therefore, there is one recommendation that stands out as a response to this pre-planned atrocity in Vegas: Americans everywhere should feel compelled to “seize the day”.  That so many good and decent people were senselessly killed cannot go unanswered.  Most importantly, people of conscience must come together and unify around the solemn cause that ensures these heroic martyrs did not die in vain.

If only for the sake of so many innocent murder victims, may the righteous seize the day on their behalf!  Otherwise, we must ask ourselves:

If not us, then who?

If not now, then when?

If not here, then where?

State of the Nation
October 12, 2107

Editor’s Note

VIDEO: Cover Story For Government-run Las Vegas Massacre: Video About ‘Paddock-Isis Arms Deal Entrapment’ Disseminated As Decoy

The preceding video lays bare how the criminal conspirators planted a story in the Alt Media to lead everyone to believe that the bad guys (in this case ISIS) did the mass shooting.  Actually it’s quite possible that this scenario is exactly as it went down, except that the entire op was overseen by the C.I.A. and protected by the F.B.I. while the LVMPD is conveniently kept away from the active crime scene.


[1] Las Vegas False Flag Mass Shooting: A Mix of Real Casualties and Crisis Actors?

[2] The Following Interview Offers Strong Evidence Of A Full-Scale Terrorist Attack Directed By The Government (Video)


Route 91 = Las Vegas Boulevard

H/t reader Squodgy:

“After the earlier Manchester arena bombing, there was much clamouring that it was a ‘puff of smoke’ probably causing no real harm.
I fell for that too, until we discover that the niece of a fellow villager was killed with her friend at that spot. They had just arrived to collect their daughters.
So, it does seem the deep state have no empathy and killing we goy is an acceptable price to achieve greater control.
Also, blending real murders with fictitious acted ones brings false flags to a new, sinister and sick level, and it is to be hoped, word gets round to those sad crisis actors that they are guilty by association, of murder.”

* * *

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