Ammunition depot goes up in flames in Ukraine

Ammunition depot goes up in flames in Ukraine:

Explosions at a military ammunition depot in central Ukraine were seen in the early hours of Wednesday (September 27), 240 kilometres (168 miles) from the capital.The cause of the blasts is not yet known

H/t reader squodgy:


Three guesses”

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1 thought on “Ammunition depot goes up in flames in Ukraine”

  1. Whilst this analysis is now 2 years old, there is no evidence things have improved.
    Indeed conspiratorial silence prevails, indicating massive cover up.
    We are now approaching winter, projected to be a classic solar minimum event.
    Having screwed Russia on gas (thanks to zionist (Nudelman) bullying), Russia have bypassed Ukraine to sell to Europe, leaving Ukraine without a gas supply.
    The potential shut down of supply for the nuke plants is serious.
    It was forecast by Russia, that the plants, being of Russian construction & design were incompatible with US made parts and rods.
    As zionist jewess Victoria Nuland (Nudelman) once said about the EU…..FUCK ’em. Looks like they are saying the same about Ukraine.
    Watch this space.


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