GCHQ Spy Chief Warns: Cyber Attack Worse Than One That Crippled The NHS Is ‘Imminent’, Hackers Have Likely Compromised UK Energy Sector Targets

Top online security expert warns of massive imminent cyberattack on the UK that will be MORE severe than the WannaCry hack that crippled the NHS

GCHQ Warns Of A Category 1 Cyber Attack Coming Soon – Episode 1384

Cyber attack worse than one that crippled the NHS is ‘imminent’, GCHQ spy chief warns

GCHQ Says Hackers Have Likely Compromised UK Energy Sector Targets 

H/t reader squodgy:

“An interesting development.
In view of the abject failure to start a World War over the last five years, the Banksters are becoming frustrated that the first choice of smokescreen for the global debt and currency reset is unattainable thanks to Putin, China & the general awakening.

Cue a chilling hyped psyop to frighten us into submission by warning that a Cyber attack will wipe out the Banks AND the infrastructure of modern society including water & power very soon.”

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