Argentina: The $10 Billion Treasure Hidden In A Dead Volcano

The $10 Billion Treasure Hidden In A Dead Volcano:

Right on the other side of the biggest lithium volcano in the world is … even more lithium.

If an investor had gotten in on the north side of the volcano before it proved up its lithium reserves, and then watched prices suddenly skyrocket, they’d be multi-millionaires today.

Well, now we have that opportunity on the other side of the volcano, with one little known company. 

And it’s right here that investors could find the biggest risk-reward play on the market today for a metal that is the driving force of demand for everything from batteries to electric vehicles and countless consumer electronics.

Welcome to Argentina, tens of thousands of years ago in the Pocitos salar basin, when a swamp turned into hot bubbles that over millennia became land–and then mountains spewing fiery magma.

But this is how Mother Nature pays us back: Today, this is a vast salt flat with massive amounts of lithium.

H/t reader squodgy:

“The Rothschild cabal already owns Argentina….now we know why…..cue John Perkins again.”

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