Paraguay: Three deaths and destruction of plantations by the cold

Paraguay – Three killed by the cold:

18 July 2017 – Two days with temperatures below zero degrees Celsius have generated three deaths and the destruction of plantations. 

It was colder in the interior of the country where the mercury dropped to minus 4 degrees. In the capital of the country the temperature dropped to zero degrees Celsius on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Pictures on social networks showed everything frozen: plantations, grasslands, streams and roads. Streams turned into skating rinks and clothes froze on the line.

With laughter and astonishment, compatriots sent videos to the media showing them trying to take clothes from the clothesline. Trousers, shirts, and coats froze in the frost.

But all laughter aside, the intense cold left negative balances in its passage. People and animals lost their lives in the frost that hit the country in two days.

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