1 thought on “Johnny Vedmore “Who Was Theresa May’s Father & Why Is He Being Erased From History?” (Video)”

  1. When something is written to the Wikipedia, it hardly gets out…
    (note wrongly placed and not-much-formatted text below standard wiki footers)

    There is some writing about sexual abuse of children some 20 years LATER in a diocese, where he studied.
    There is about serial killer Dr John Bodkin Adams, who’s assistent was Mr. Brassier.
    There is about “diocese has some of the worst examples of child sexual abuse committed by priests“, although possibly not by Brassier himself… “The numbers and the scope of the phenomenon is truly astounding“, continued with naming names …

    While sometimes digging in wikipedia revision history, I have only once met a case, where significant part of history was really erased, and it’s a page of G. Soros arround Jan – July 2015…
    where they erased whole half year including from revision history, allegedly because it cited some copyrighted text about Soros influence in Ukraine crisis, but the article, who’s url is provided, is behind the paywall at bloomberg… How cute.


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