AND NOW: Scientists are claiming ‘cockroach milk’ could be the superfood of the future

What a bright future for all of us!

As a side note:

Look up the protein content of human breast milk, which shows you exactly how much protein humans need in their food to function best.

Hint: It’s not much.

A study determined that also adults need exactly this much protein content in their food to stay healthy.

For security reasons (more likely because the needed amount was so little that it did not fit in well with the propaganda of the dairy and meat industry) the scientists DOUBLED this amount.

Cockroach milk is for cockroaches.

Cow’s milk is for cow’s to gain a lot of weight in no time. Want to gain weight fast? Choose a lot of dairy products and meat (and combine them with bread)!!!

No grown up animal is drinking milk and in my personal opinion neither should we.

Your child (older than 2 years) is often times congested with mucos? Take away all dairy products for a while and see what happens.

Apparently we should all be drinking ‘cockroach milk’

H/t reader kevin a.

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