UK Column News – 29th March 2017: BREXIT … We’re Out! … NOT! (Video)

H/t reader S.M.:

“It’s all just a charade, lies, disinfo & bullshit.
The powers that be who own the Government (banks & royalty) will not accept the will of the majority.
That’s REAL democracy.
We will be relegated to a satellite member, controlled by EU Parliament.
Policed by Europe, Armed by Europe & we still won’t get our fishing rights back.”

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1 thought on “UK Column News – 29th March 2017: BREXIT … We’re Out! … NOT! (Video)”

  1. Did you know that Britain is now in the TOP TEN most dangerous countries in the world based on Muslim terrorist and rebel activity over the past 30 days

    ITALY: ISIS-inspired Muslim plot to blow up Venice’s Rialto Bridge foiled by police
    Police in Italy have arrested three Kosovo Muslim men and a child on suspicion of trying to blow up Venice’s iconic Rialto Bridge. The detentions follow a series of overnight raids in the northern Italian city.


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