Hungarian inmates build second anti-immigrant fence along Serbian border (Video)

Watch. Hungarian inmates build second anti-immigrant fence along Serbian border:

 Called a ‘smart fence’ because of an array of sensors – motion detectors, night vision cameras and heat detectors – attached to it to detect anyone approaching, the new border defence barrier being built in Hungary is state-of-the-art. It is reportedly also electrified, in order to shock those who touch it. To expedite the building of the barrier, Hungary has ordered prisoners to assist with erecting the barricade. Construction on the 150km long, 4.5 metres high fence started on 1 March. Construction also includes a detention camp near the Röszke border crossing, designed to hold up to 300 people. Those refugees and migrants seeking entrance to Hungary will have to wait there for their application process to be completed.

The building of the fence starts after Hungary has decided to extend the state of national emergency for another six months in view of the dangers presented by the 800,000 people stuck in the Balkans, unable to return to Turkey. Measures also include limiting the freedom of movement of migrants and strengthening the border with the above-mentioned second fence.

It is as yet unclear if Orbán is going to make the Serbs pay for it. Wink.

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