Timeline for Cooling on Earth 2017-2050: Rolf Witzsche / David DuByne ADAPT 2030 / Trevor S.O. (Video)


Conversation with Rolf Witzsche of Ice Age Ahead, Trevor from Suspicious Observers and David DuByne of Adapt 2030 on a full timeline of Earth cooling due to changes in solar output.

Topics Covered:

1. Solar Wind and effects on cloud formation. Increasing floods and what to expect into the future. Time line for intensification.

2. Solar / Cosmic Ray Flux, ionizing clouds 20% increase and forecast of possible exponential increase. Primer field, Ulysses measurements.

3. Coronal Holes and effects of rainmaking

4. Indoor agriculture is the only way forward, Rolf’s map of grow zone and basalt construction materials.

7. Loss of oil fields frozen over in Alberta etc. Tesla plasma current drive for electrical production.

8. New currency Bitcoin, bank bail ins and prevention of unchecked immigration and population movement. New currency is knowledge to help others survive.

Rolf Witzsche’s YouTube Channel
Rolf Witzsche’s Website http://ice-age-ahead-iaa.ca/

Trevor from Suspicious Observers
Suspicious Observers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTiL…
Trevor’s YT Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClD2…
Trevor–from suspicious0bservers.org and the fly on the wall podcast joins the call today. Trevor started on YouTube in 2011 as the Star Observer hosting the YouTube channel–The electric sun bringing news with satellite data on current solar conditions. After a battle with some health health issues, he has returned too YouTube creating new videos on his new channel. He is also an avid electric universe proponent supporting the work of the thunderbolts project and electric universe model. His background consists of a technical nature in communications using computer networking infrastructure as a network maintenance technician. In his spare time he has worked as an independent researcher with data analysis for Ben Davidson helping build early projects such as Star water as well as The Human Health and Electromagnetism section of the website.

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