Belgium: Moroccan man rapes handicapped girl repeatedly. Police start manhunt

Belgium: Moroccan man rapes handicapped girl repeatedly. Police start manhunt:

For a period of two months a 15-year-old girl was raped, multiple times a week, by a man Belgian police describe as: of Moroccan origin, with tanned skin and black hair. He speaks French, Arab and Berber, but no Dutch. He said he was nineteen at the time, but might be older. Belgian police are asking anyone with any information to contact them at telephone number, 0800.30.300 or by emailing

Though the facts date from before December 2015, they have only recently come to light. The Belgian girl, herself from Moroccan descent, and mentally handicapped, attends a school for special needs children. But she became unwilling and very afraid to continue attending. School personnel, over a period of months, interacted with her, piecing together what she had been through. After this was established, the girl and her mother brought the matter to the police.

The police reports the girl started texting with the man to protect her 13-year-old friend from his advances. He used the opportunity to seduce her, and they exchanged sensual pictures and eventually he managed to persuade her to meet up with him. On their second meeting, at the Schijnpoortweg tram stop, he took the girl to a container on a wharf at the nearby Lobroek-docks. She said she didn’t want to, and even cried, but the man ignored this and raped her.

In the following months, this developed into a pattern. According to the spokesman for the prosecutor’s office, Ken Witpas:

the man waited for her at the tram stop, as she returned from school. He threatened to send indecent pictures of the victim to her mother, if the girl didn’t do as he wished.”

She was raped repeatedly.

The prosecutor’s office describes the girl as especially vulnerable and thinks it’s likely the man made other victims and tried or is still trying to get in contact with others:

Just look at the victim’s friend. She was blackmailed and forced to steal her parent’s money on the order of the suspect. We ask all possible other victims to contact the police.”

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