6 healthy reasons to drink beet juice

And there are many more reasons to drink beet juice.

6 healthy reasons to drink beet juice:

Beets have been around since ancient times, growing along the coastlines of Asia, North Africa and Europe. At one time, only the greens of the beet plant were eaten but, now, beet juice is quite popular as well.

While beets are enjoyed for their sweet, appealing taste, many people still remain uneducated about the tremendous health benefits of beets and beet juice.  If your healthcare provider does NOT understand what you’re about to read (below) – we suggest you find another  doctor that appreciates the power of good nutrition for disease prevention.

Here are the 6 best reasons to start drinking beet juice – today

1. A delicious way to avoid chronic inflammation

In addition to protecting cells, enzymes and proteins from environmental stress, beets can also help to reduce chronic inflammation – which is know to destroy proper cell function that sets the stage for disease.  The nutrition found inside beets help us to protect internal organs, improving vascular health, and prevent a wide range of chronic diseases.

It’s the betaine pigments – inside beets – that seems to facilitate this effect.  At lease 8 ounces per day is a good place to start – just don’t be surprised if you see color changes to your urine and/or stool.

2. Safely remove unwanted toxins from the body

The health benefits of beets also include strong support for the detoxification pathways of the body. Toxins that have been broken down are assisted in binding to molecules for excretion from the body.

In this way, beets and beet juice help to cleanse the liver and purify the blood.  Drinking beet juice will help us avoid disease because the immune system gets more of the nutrients needed to work effectively.

3. Lowers blood pressure naturally

Beet juice has also been found to help lower blood pressure in just a matter of hours.  In fact, just onne glass of beet juice can lower systolic blood pressure by up to 5 points, according to one study.

The blood pressure lowering effect is most likely due to the nitrate content of beets – which helps to dilate and relax the blood vessels and improve blood flow.  A word of caution: if you’re taking any prescription medication for hypertension, be sure to work with a medical professional that understands nutrition and its effects on the body.

4. Super anticancer effects

Phytonutrients in beets are what give them their deep red color.  In addition, they are believed to give beets their ability to prevent cancer and even help to kill cancer cells.  Beet root extract has been found to reduce multi-organ tumor formations and is showing promise in the treatment of breast, pancreatic and prostate cancers.

5. Great way to increase your vitamins and fiber intake

Beets are also high in essential nutrients like vitamin C, folate, manganese and potassium, making them effective in supporting nerve, muscle and bone health. Beets are rich in fiber, which supports digestive tract health and a feeling of satiety after eating them.

Beet greens, found on the tops of the plant, are also loaded with vitamins. They contain phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B6, fiber, magnesium, copper, potassium, manganese, vitamin A, calcium, iron, and vegetarian protein.  Plus, because of their nutritional content, beet greens help to support the immune system and offer protection against degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Boost your energy and endurance

Beets are also valuable for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone who would like an extra boost of energy and endurance throughout the day. Persons drinking beet juice before a workout were found to have the ability to exercise as much as 16 percent longer, according to one study.

The nitrate content in beets is believed to help reduce the oxygen cost of both low- and high-intensity exercise.

Great food tip: Beets are delicious sliced on salads and sandwiches or cooked into soups and stews. Drinking beet juice daily or using a powdered concentrate are also effective ways to help prevent cancer and experience the many health benefits of beets.

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7. Very important juice to cleanse the liver.

8. Very important juice to get rid of gallstones.

9. Does not contain a lot of iron, but the iron is easily absorbable.

10. Excellent juice for all menopause problems.

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2 thoughts on “6 healthy reasons to drink beet juice”

    • To kevin a,

      Fresh juices (or smoothies) from spinach & beets contain inorganic oxalic acid, which does NOT cause kidney stones.

      However, if you cook spinach & beets. or drink pasteurized juices, then the organic oxalic acid turns into inorganic oxalic acid and that is causing kidney stones and deposits inside the human body.

      Read about all of this in the above mentioned book from Norman Walker, which I highly recommend.

      Humans are the only species on the planet that is cooking its food and that is what causes all those diseases of civilization.

      The only animals that regularly eat cooked food are our pets and they too develop the same diseases of civilization.

      If you cook your food, you are destroying the life force, the enzymes, in it.

      “One of the unique characteristics of (for example) dried barley leaves (organic and in raw food quality) is their hundreds of LIVE enzymes.

      Until you understand the significance of this, you cannot appreciate either health or healing!

      A good way to help you to understand the importance of enzymes is by giving you an illustration.

      An architect, in cooperation with a contractor, may determine every item of material needed for building a new home.

      These hundreds of items could be correctly ordered and safely delivered to a building site.

      But until the carpenters, brick layers, plasterers, painters and other specialists come to do the work, the home remains unbuilt.

      Enzymes are the bodies labor force in performing all chemical and biological processes in the body. We are born with a given, limited amount of enzyme activity (I compare it to a bank account); we must learn to conserve it.

      Depleting our enzyme supply (constantly drawing from the bank account by eating only cooked and processed foods) results in a weakened immune system. Weakening our immune system makes us prime targets for disease.”

      I recommend to not “kill” (= cook) a high percentage of your food.

      Again, organic oxalic acid in fresh juices does NOT cause kidney stones, but has a lot of wonderful benefits for the human body.

      Yes, you have to be careful with these fresh juices, because they break and remove kidney- and gallstones, that were already manifest in the human body.

      They are not causing them.

      Organic oxalic acid is deadly to cancer cells, microbes, etc.

      Beet juice increases the reduced oxidation inside the cancer cell 4-10 fold!

      There is a discussion, whether to use the fresh juice, or the stale juice, because the stale juice seems to be more tolerable to the stomach and causes less “healing reactions”.

      BUT the fresh juice contains 2.5 ties more active oxygen, than the stale juice and the easy absorbable iron in fresh beet juice has turned into inactive iron in the stale juice.

      Inorganic oxalic acid forms crystals with calcium and that can cause a lot of health problems (kidney stones are just one of many), also leading to loss of calcium, which does not happen with the fresh & uncooked veggies.



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