Cologne Sex Attacks One Year On: 1300 Victims, Just 18 Convictions

Cologne Sex Attacks One Year On: 1300 Victims, Just 18 Convictions:

The mass sex attacks on New Year’s Eve 2015 in the centre of Cologne shocked Germany and the world. A year on and after more than 1,000 criminal charges, there have been few arrests and convictions.

The mass attacks topped over a thousand criminal complaints from young men and women who had been robbed, sexually assaulted, and even raped in the square of the Cologne cathedral and central train station.

The news took several days to make headlines and Breitbart London was the first English-language news outlet to report on the massive scale of the assaults, the accusations of cover-ups by the government, and the total inaction on behalf of the Cologne police.

As of December, the statistics show that 1,222 criminal charges have been investigated by the authorities, 513 of which were directly related to sexual assault.

A total of 1,310 individuals claim to have been victims of crime. Among them, 662 say they were sexually attacked and 28 claim they were raped. The discrepancy in numbers with the police investigations is believed to relate to the number of claims the police were willing, for whatever reason, to investigate.

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