Outrage over Niqab-Clad Islamist on Prominent Political Programme


… civil war, directly after the greatest financial collapse in world history, coming to Germany, France, Italy, … etc.

Why do you think the Rothschild engineered migrant crisis brought and still brings all these migrants, mostly young men in their best fighting age, to Europe?

Divide et impera! … Rothschild style.



Outrage over Niqab-Clad Islamist on Prominent Political Programme:

The popular Sunday political talk show Anne Will has sparked outrage in Germany after an appearance by a known radical Muslim wearing a full-face niqab veil to debate on the radicalisation of young German Muslims.

Nora Illi, women’s representative of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland, showed up in the full face veil, spoke on a panel of guests on the subject of Islamic radicalism among young Muslims, reports Die Welt.

Illi was forced to defend an essay she had written in 2014 in which she praised Muslims who had gone to fight in Syria. She claimed that Muslims had felt  discriminated against and those that went to fight against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had “civil courage”.

Illi, nicknamed “Niqab Nora”, is a Swiss woman who converted to Islam at the age of 18 and has been an ardent supporter of traditional Islam including in 2014 defending her husband’s Islamic right to have more than one wife.

Former Islamist Ahmad Mansour was also on the panel and he, along with Christian Democratic Union (CDU) MP Wolfgang Bosbach, expressed that it wasn’t appropriate for a public broadcaster like ARD to have Ms. Illi on as a guest as she trivialised the Islamic State terror group and glorified the war in Syria.

Mr. Mansour even went as far to say of the appearance of Ms. Illi: “This should not be done on public television. This is open war propaganda.”

CDU Federal Councillor Sebastian Steineke also spoke out on social media after the broadcast had ended saying: “The fact that you can offer such a platform on TV to radical Islam is something that I find ridiculous.”

Young Muslims are becoming increasingly more radicalised in Germany and across Europe due largely in part to Islamic State and Salafist propaganda materials being made available on the internet. French academic Gilles Kepel, a political science professor, has said third generation Muslims and new migrants are sympathising more and more with radical Islam.

Professor Kepel called the new emerging generation of Muslims “Generation Jihad” and warns that if left unchecked could take Europe down the path of a potential civil war.

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The Rothschild engineered migrant crisis brought & still brings all these migrants, mostly young men in their best fighting age, to Europe.

Then TPTB will collapse the financial system, and the migrants will receive no more benefits.

CIA, Mossad & MI6  will hand them arms (containers full of weapons have already been found in Greece and Germany, as I’ve reported before) and they will rape and pillage the country.

Germans (taking Germany as example here) will be under total shock, but then they will fight back under heavy losses and those migrants will all meet Allah. All of them.

How will Germans during a civil war situation be able to discern between the good and the bad guys?

They won’t, which is why they will probably kill all of them.


Divide et impera! … once again used against the people.

The Rothschild depopulation plan exposed.

And then it will get worse, much worse …

One of the best seers of all time:

The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3)

He also foresaw the migrant crisis in 1950!!!


Maintain humanity under 500.000.000!!!


WW3 - Rothschild - Rockefeller

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