Jim Stone: “Wikileaks Confirmed Gone, I Believe This Is 100% Real”



Consider these facts, and then figure the odds of him being alive:

1. Wikileaks DNS Server was suddenly pointed elsewhere. That’s right, that night, in the wee hours of the morning after Pamela was there (to poison him) police in an armored vehicle showed up at the embassy, and THAT NIGHT the DNS server pointed to a different IP address for Wikileaks, and GOOGLE updated everything instantly, so the transfer was completely seamless from the real wikileaks server to the fake wikileaks server that was at a completely different IP address.

2. Mr Assange’s subsequent tweets were noticeably more hostile and attacked his most loyal supporters. I reported this repeatedly.

3. Mr Assange’s tweets regularly misspelled the names of some of his closest friends whom he has known for decades (Gavin McFadyen became McFayden for example). McFadyen,76, the director of Wikileaks, was found dead three days after Assange started having mystery problems. This is something I made a huge issue of here.

4.Streams of disinformation were spewed

5. Themes supported by Mr Assange for years were then knocked down or discredited by his subsequent tweets and communications. Very bad timing with that. Everyone with a brain noticed this, and it lit up the forums and blogs.

6. “Body double” rumors have been circulated and documented;

7. New strange hitherto unknown moderators of Wikileaks have suddenly been installed.

8. His “deadman switch” WAS ACTIVATED BEFORE THE ARMORED VEHICLE EVEN SHOWED UP AT THE EMBASSY, which means Assange probably manually triggered it after he figured out he was poisoned. Much of his stored data and secret website PINS were to be released in the event of his untimely death (I released both dead man switches here, one encrypted and one unencrypted)

All of this happened right after Pamela Anderson showed up with a lunch that was no doubt poisoned and the media talked all about how Assange was “pale” and “not feeling well” when she left and that he said the food Pamela brought him was “torture”. Good for a laugh in the inside circles to have this go out on the MSM no doubt.

MY TAKE: ASSANGE WAS POISONED, AND THEN REMOVED FROM THE EMBASSY IN AN ARMORED VEHICLE. This was clearly visible in a live feed someone set up that night because something was amiss, and I saw that and stayed up the entire night for it. That is why I so strongly stated that he can’t possibly still be at the embassy. Perhaps he got medical care to save him and is now being waterboarded.

If the new “wikileak releases” are real, they are NOT coming from the Wikileaks server, only a re-direct to a different server in the name of Wikileaks. The IP address change proves it, and we can only hope it is white hats doing it. It seems so, but one could only guess.

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