US Spy Agency Tweets Honest Opinion Of China’s Obama Snub; Then Promptly Deletes And Apologizes

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US Spy Agency Tweets Honest Opinion Of China’s Obama Snub; Then Promptly Deletes And Apologizes:

Yesterday we noted how President Obama received a very undiplomatic welcome in China for his last official visit to the country as Commander in Chief (see “Tarmac Altercation Erupts After Obama Lands In China: Official Shouts “This Is Our Country, Our Airport”“).

Upon arrival on Saturday in China as part of his last visit to Asia as US Commander in Chief for the periodic photo-op that is the G-20 meeting, something unexpected happened: a very undiplomatic greeting when an unusual tarmac altercation involving Chinese and U.S. officials, including national security adviser Susan Rice, devolved into a shouting match by a member of the Chinese delegation.

It all started with the actual landing: as AP reports, the first sign of trouble is that there was no staircase for Obama to exit the plane and descend on the red carpet. So, as the photo below shows, Obama used an alternative exit. Needless to say, a diplomatic fuck up such as this one, was not accidental – Beijing was sending a loud and clear message.

Turns out someone manning the Defense Intelligence Agency twitter account over the long holiday weekend was feeling a little snarky and decided to send the following tweet about the incident which reads, “Classy as always China.”

The tweet was promptly taken down and replaced with the following apology:

We’re not sure that deleting the tweet was the best idea…perhaps U.S. foreign policy could benefit from relying more heavily on the insights of Ron Burgundy.  Couldn’t get much worse.

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