Hundreds of thousands of deep-sea volcanoes

Hundreds of thousands of deep-sea volcanoes:

And we wonder what is heating the oceans?

9 Aug 2016 – “The remnants of hundreds of thousands** of deep-sea eruptions lie on the ocean floor, deep below the surface of the water,” says this article from the BBC.“Almost 70% of the Earth’s crust is believed to be produced at mid-ocean ridges such as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge,” the article continues. The Earth’s crust is 4 to 6 miles (7-10km) thick.

We’re talking about powerful enormous volcanoes similar to Iceland’s 2014-2015 Bardarbunga volcano eruption.”

“The mid-ocean ridges form the largest volcanic systems on Earth,” but our knowledge of underwater volcanoes is woefully lacking.

“Beyond a basic understanding we know very little about these volcanic processes,” says Isobel Yeo of GEOMAR’s Helmholtz Institute for Ocean Research Kiel.

“It’s true what they say about us knowing very little about the oceans,” says Yeo.

That is why Yeo and her colleagues have been collecting detailed images of the ocean floor up to 1½ miles (2,000m) below the surface of the water.

Her findings were published just 4 months ago, in April.

The crust is 4-6 miles (7-10km) thick.

Almost 70% of the Earth’s crust was formed by underwater volcanoes pumping red-hot magma into the ocean … and we still wonder what is heating the seas?

See entire article along with outstanding images:

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*  *Actually, scientists now say there are more than 3 million underwater volcanoes.


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