US Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte Reportedly Held At Gunpoint At Rio Party

US Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte Reportedly Held At Gunpoint At Rio Party:

Update: Reuters adds that Lochte was robbed in a taxi hold-up in Rio de Janeiro after leaving a party where he had been celebrating the end of the Olympic swimming program, he told fellow competitor Thiago Pereira. A spokesman for Brazilian Pereira told Reuters on Sunday Pereira had called Lochte after hearing reports the U.S. swimmer had been the victim of a gun-point robbery the night before.

“Thiago and his wife went yesterday night to a birthday party for a common friend with Lochte in the France House,” the spokesman said. “He parted ways with Lochte when he returned to his hotel with his wife. “Today in the morning he received the news about Lochte’s incident, so he called him and Lochte told him he was fine and said the taxi he was in got robbed.”

It was not immediately clear if a firearm had been used in the robbery.

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While many had previously warned that the Brazil olympcs could be a dangerous place for visitors, it now appears they are just as unsafe for Olympic participants. According to Fox Sports’ Ben Way, US swimmer Ryan Lochte, who won gold in the men’s 4x200m swimming event, was held at gunpoint while attending a party in Rio de Janeiro. Lochte had been reportedly attending a party on the invite of Brazilian Thiago Pereira when the incident occurred.

It has been reported that he is now safe at the Team USA swimming base.

After the incident, he called his mother, who has gone to meet him. Team USA Jenn Suhr said, “It definitely would have been terrifying. I’m just glad everyone is safe and alright. When you’re in another country you don’t know of, it’s not the smartest idea to go places you’re unsure of.”

And while AP confirmed the original report…

… moments later it appears that someone got a tap on the shoulder – after all the last thing the Rio Olympics needs is even more bad publicity – and AP followed up with an update that “the report that swimmer Lochte robbed at gunpoint ‘absolutely not true,’ according to Lochte and USOC.”

Finally, the Fox Sports reporter is sticking by his story:

One wonders who is lying here – Lochte’s mother or the IOC… and why.

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