Cop Loses it, Shoots Up Church in Rampage Over Violence Toward Police — NO CHARGES

Cop Loses it, Shoots Up Church in Rampage Over Violence Toward Police — NO CHARGES:

Sommervell County, TX — A 27-year-old deputy was arrested after he admitted to getting drunk and unloading pistols into a Presbyterian church. Instead of facing charges for dangerously discharging a firearm in public, Sommervell County Sheriff’s Deputy, William Cox was set free.

The incident began on July 13 when officers responded to a 9-1-1 call about a maniac shooting up a church. When police arrived they found Cox drunk in the parking lot, who immediately admitted to the crime.

Cox is seen on an officer’s body cam saying he fired the shots “cause my boys are getting killed in Dallas” and said, “the black coon started killing my boys.”

Cox attempted to justify his actions by claiming he needed to relieve some stress. His stress relief was to go into a residential neighborhood and endanger the lives of everyone near him by firing off guns in a church parking lot.

According to FOX 4, Cox was charged with deadly conduct and taken to the Ellis County Jail. But on the same day he was arrested, the pastor signed an affidavit of non-prosecution. The pastor said he didn’t want charges filed because it’s all about forgiveness.

Not only was he not charged, he was also not photographed for his mugshot. This special treatment has the Ellis County District Attorney furious.

Even though the pastor didn’t file charges, Cox was still guilty of multiple crimes. However, because Cox wears a badge, the department used their discretion and he was released.

“This, in my mind is a tremendous abuse of that discretion,” Patrick Wilson, the Ellis County District Attorney said. “In today’s climate, it’s inexcusable. I cannot understand how these facts escape the narrative of favoritism.”

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