Cold wave headed for Northeast US

Cold wave headed for Northeast US:

“Values lower than normal by more than 15 ° C!”

An unusual mass of very cold air coming from the Arctic is forecast to invade the US north east, says says

The following map shows the thermal anomalies on the ground for June 23 provided by the US computer center GFS. Notice very abnormal values for the period, with temperatures well below the norm of 10-15 ° C.

For the morning of June 24, the US model would provide, among other things some possible frosts for parts of  New York state.

Ondata di freddo in arrivo sul Nord Est statunitense, valori inferiori alla norma di oltre 15°C!

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1 thought on “Cold wave headed for Northeast US”

  1. it is funny. the weather forecasters here in EU does not mention all these records lows worldwide neither that was falling or still is falling in all these areas. They are focused on rain and sunshine.


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