This Chart Will Make Every American Driver Angry

The Chart That Will Make Every American Driver Angry:

When crude oil prices started to collapse, the great American unwashed were told – day after day – that low oil prices were “unequivocally good” for them. That myth was destroyed as rent, healthcare, and debt-reduction trumped consumer gains. However, as angry Americans are seeing every day now, gas prices at their local pump have been soaring… having never dropped as they should. In fact, as the following anger-inducing chart below exposes, gas prices for the average joe are almost 50% higher than would be expected given the low oil prices…

Since the beginning of 2015, something changed – Gas prices are unchanged while oil prices are 25% lower…


So the refiners are buying low (crude oil) and selling high (gas) to cover their losses in production? Fixed costs on gasoline ‘production’? No matter what, it’s the average joe that paid the price.

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