Watch Live: John Kasich Announces End Of His Presidential Campaign


Watch Live: John Kasich Announces End Of His Presidential Campaign:

It’s all over but the press conference (and perhaps elbowing his wife in the face). Watch John Kasich announce he is taking the exterminaTed way out, and also suspending his presidential campaign one day after Ted Cruz did the same, and leaving Donald Trump the official GOP candidate.

Update: as expected, Kasich’s announcement will be that he is indeed suspending his campaign, and with that Trump is the official presidential candidate of the Republican party.

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It appears that less than one day after Ted Cruz announced he is quitting the race, the last hurdle to Donald Trump becoming the official GOP candidate instead of just the “presumptive” one, is about to fall: according to CNN’s Phil Mattingly the republican challenger has just cancelled a press conference in Virginia and will make a statement in Ohio this afternoon at 5pm. We assume it is to announce he too is withdrawing from the race.

More from The Hill which effectively confirms the speculation that Kasich is finally out.

Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich canceled a planned Wednesday morning news conference outside Washington D.C., and now plans to address the media in Ohio later Wednesday afternoon.

A campaign aide told a group of reporters awaiting the Ohio governor in Dulles, Va., that he will will instead make “an announcement” at 5 p.m.

The cancelation stokes speculation that Kasich will drop out of the race, the morning after Ted Cruz withdrew his presidential bid.

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