Ukraine Decree Bans Officials From Criticizing Government

Ukraine Decree Bans Officials From Criticizing Government:

Officials Say Move Needed to ‘Restore Public Faith

The Ukrainian government has issued a new decree today barring all employees from publicly criticizing the government, or any of its institutions, or any of their colleagues. The ban is part of a new “ethics code” on loyalty, and threatens disciplinary action against violators.

Officials said the move to prevent criticism was necessary to “restore public faith” in the government after several damning leaks related to the Yatsenyuk government’s inability to get widespread corruption under control.

Indeed, just two weeks ago Prime Minister Yatsenyuk was asked to resign by President Poroshenko, and narrowly survived a vote of no-confidence by the parliament shortly thereafter. The effort seems designed to try to prevent a repeat vote.

The decree didn’t get a great reaction, with a top figure in the Economy Ministry calling it “in the traditions of Stalin and Bena.” Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavicius resigned last month, and issued a public statement at the time blasting widespread corruption.

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