Groping gang of migrant men terrorise young woman demanding she ‘make sex’

Shocking video shows Swedish woman being harassed and groped by gang of ‘migrant’ men:

  • Woman films as she is harassed by at least two men in Sweden
  • She begins recording after one man groped her as she walked past 
  • Confronting the men, one of them repeatedly asks her to ‘make sex’
  • Despite her angry refusal, the man continues to offer her money for sex 

VIDEO: Groping gang of migrant men terrorise young woman demanding she ‘make sex’:

THIS is the shocking moment a young woman was surrounded and groped by a group of migrant men.

Disturbing footage shows a woman being molested by a gang of young men who repeatedly demand that she “make sex” as she walks the streets in Sweden.But rather than fleeing in terror she confronts the shameless perpetrators, telling them their behaviour is unacceptable in Western countries. The shaky video was filmed in the capital Stockholm on a mobile phone and shows the moment the brave women confronts the men.She tells the men: “He tried to touch my a***. Do you think that’s OK?

“The guy who just walked past, your friend. Is it OK to touch my a*** or what?But the man brazenly asks: “Can I make sex with you?, to which the women replies: “No never”.Shockingly, despite her refusal, the man tells her he will pay for her services.Clearly outraged, the women tells the man to leave her alone, and snaps back in disbelief: “Do you think I’m a w****?”The man only goes on to repeat his offer to pay for sex, at which point the video cuts out.

The sickening footage appears to have been filmed in recent months as snow can be seen on the ground.

Although their backgrounds have not been verified, it is thought the men are not from Sweden as they repeat the word “make” instead of “have” when asking the women for sex.

The men appeared to grope the woman

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