Kazakhstan – Nearly 300 people rescued from snow

Kazakhstan – Nearly 300 people rescued from snow:

Snow is chest-deep in some areas

25 Dec 2015: Nearly 300 people rescued from snow captivity. (with pictures and video).

A strong snowstorm paralyzed traffic on “Ust-Kamenogorsk – Almaty” and 6 passengers buses needed the help of rescuers.

The buses were moving in the direction of Urdzhar-Almaty-Taldykorgan before turning to. Taskesken” – said the report of the Department of Emergency Situations of the East Kazakhstan region.

The buses held 270 people. In addition, the DES reported that in Zharma district, 40 km from the village Kalbatau, the fire service rescued 4 other people from snow drifts, including 1 child. The men were taken to the village Kalbatau.

DES EKR asks citizens to postpone travel because strong winds will continue until December 25. At the same time there is black ice on the roads.

Zyryanovsk is completely covered with snow. In the city in recent days has dropped half a meter of snow.

Citizens complain that no one can drive. “The whole town is buried in snow. Everywhere drifts. Transport hardly walk. On the job people get on foot. In order to get out of their houses, some people either had to dig trenches or wade through snow waist or chest deep, said a resident of Zyryanovsk Denis Karelin.


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