Lao Tzu (Laozi, Lao Zi) On “The Water From Heaven”: Drinking Distilled Water Removes All Dirt From The Human Body, Dirt Of Every Kind (Video)

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“Water from heaven” refers to the dew before it falls to the ground.”

According to Taoist principles man is grounded in the earth,

the earth is grounded in heaven,

and heaven in the Tao … a principle known as “the fundamental way”.

As heaven is closest to the Tao, water from heaven is the purest form of water,

and so in taking it, one also becomes pure.

According to the ancient philosopher Lao Zi, taking this water removes all dirt from the human body, dirt of every kind.

For this reason, this water was vitally important to Lao Zi.

“Water from heaven” = dew = pure (not available anymore) rainwater = pure glacier water = steam distilled water (pre-carbon filtered to remove the VOCs).

“Removes all dirt” = removes all inorganic minerals/particles (fluoride, radioactive particles, calcification of the pineal gland, plague from the arteries, veins and inner organs, etc.)

Our bodies are made out of organic minerals from plants and not from inorganic minerals.

Distilled water leeches minerals from the body? It does only remove all the garbage (= inorganic minerals) and not the organic minerals.

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Digital TDS-Water Quality Tester:

Steam distilled water: 0 ppm TDS

Lauretana (Engl., German): 7 ppm TDS

Most tap water ranges from 150 to 420 ppm TDS.

Water with a TDS of 500 ppm or more is regarded as unfit for consumption.

Sea water has a TDS of around 35,000 ppm.

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