I’m Not Good At Asking …

…, but the website could use some more support.


You can look up the history of donations here:


Look up how many posts I make every month (at the side bar on the left side of the website.)

Then compute how much this website has earned per post and (on average) per day per given month.

Take a guess how long it takes to find and to post all this info (with tags!).

Then compute how much this website might earn for 1 hour of work.

And I’m the only one posting articles to the website.

Consider that the website is not generating any income via annoying advertisements.

Also take into account that having a website up on the internet is not for free.

And computers that you use every day for several hours do not get “younger”.

Not to speak of opportunity costs on my side.

If my day had 48 hours I would not be bored for one minute.

There is a lot of things I could do, other than posting information that I (for the most part) already knew.

Please, consider donating and support my work.

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