The Global Warming Hoax – Global Temperature Has Increased 0.3% Since 1880

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“This article could explain why we are expected to believe the lies. Out of nearly four thousand temperature recording stations worldwide, over two thirds are placed in the temperate zone, and only 4% at the poles.

The resultant statistical bias would be laughed out of court, but we ignoramuses are expected to believe the data as real.”


Global Temperature has increased 0.3% since 1880:

Most independently thinking people know that global warming is a hoax, but very few times does the public have the opportunity to understand why.

The reason why people do not understand what the buzz about global warming is stems from lack of clear and simple explanations and because most information of the topic is filtered and adulterated  by the mainstream media.

In other instances, so-called scientific evidence is massaged to fit the policies that governments and corporations want people to support, while real evidence is often ignored or ridiculed as conspiracy theories.

This reality makes it even more important to look at data, not at opinions or political speeches, as the source of information and to make the data available to the greater number of people possible so that they can independently judge whether there has been warming or not and whether such warming has any significance to the present and future of the planet.

It is needless to say that all data and information must be vetted carefully. Never in the history of humanity did popularity or recognition made information more or less valid, except today. Familiar faces and trendy personalities are the ones who in most cases deliver the news that most people consume.

Rarely do members of an audience see real scientists debating about global warming. In almost every case scientific data is interpreted by commentators and TV personalities like Bill Nye, Al Gore or James Lovelock, who later become the apostles of truth.

That is not the case with Nobel Laureate Ivar Giaever, a Norwegian-American physicist who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973. Mr Giaever became interested in global warming after the birth of the climate change religion became notorious for its unscientific assessments.

In a July 12, 2015 presentation at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, Mr. Giaever went straight to the point: the warming. As it turns out, looks are deceiving, as explained by Giaever. He cited Al Gore’s chart as an example of deception and rapidly corrected what many people believe is an impending disaster: the uncontrolled rise of global temperatures.

Based on data analysed by Mr. Giaever, temperatures have barely increased since 1880. Between 1880 and 2015, the planet has seen a variation in temperature increase of 0.8 Kelvin, that is a 0.3% in total warming. Global temperatures have been warmer and cooler during this period of 135 years.

Part of the fraud contained in the global warming issue is brought to the public via the subjective measurement of temperatures. As shown in Mr. Giaever’s presentation, of the total of 3846 temperature measuring stations set around the planet, 2643 are located between the 30th and the 60th parallel, while only 8 are located in the south pole and 167 are in the north pole. Is that slanted or what?

Ask yourself what would happen if the opposite was true. What if 2643 measuring stations were placed at the south pole and only 8 were placed between the 30th and 60th parallels? The mainstream media and Al Gore would be warning us about the impending global freezing, as supposed to global warming.

“It has never been so cold in the south pole as it is now,” said Giaever. Do you think such a fact is an inconvenient truth for the members of the Church of Global Warming?

Another important point raised by Mr. Giaever was the way in which humans determine the optimal temperature for the planet. “Is it the current temperature or is it two degrees warmer?” No one in the scientific community, especially those alerting about the supposed rise in sea levels and the number of superstorms, has cared about determining what is the right temperature for out planet, which would certainly help determine whether 0.3% warming in the last 135 years is good or bad.

“This is like the American foreign policy,” said Giaever. “We keep it the way it is because we have it good in the United States. But even the foreign policy can’t control the climate.” Giaever insisted in the absurd fact that both climate alarmists and those who question their science maintain that it is possible to “measure the average temperature of the who Earth for a whole year to a fraction of a degree and that such measurement is considered significant.”

“I think the issue of measuring the global temperature is like the story of the Emperor’s clothes,” Giaever said. “Well, the Emperor has no clothes.” The fact is that “you can’t measure the temperature of the whole Earth.” Giaever then showed the measured temperatures for the past 19 years, which he insisted was not necessarily accurate, but that showed that temperature had remained stable over that period (1197-2014).

He then compared the graph that showed the stable temperatures with another one from NASA, which in addition to land temperatures, also included ocean temperatures. This new graph shows an increase of 0.2 degrees between 1950 and 2000. “Why do you think they included ocean temperatures? Because it is more accurate or because they can fiddle with the data?”, asked Giaever.

“That is what they do,” insisted Giaever as he referred to NASA as an organisation that constantly fiddles with the data. He then exposed Barack Obama’s lies about global warming when he said that 2014 had been the hottest year since measurements began to the taken. “That is just not true,” he said.

So if Mr. Giaever is not worried about global warming, what is worried about? “I’m worried about the 2015 Paris Climate Talks,” he said. Mr. Giaever’s concern stems from a statement from the American Physical Society, which says that “There is incontrovertible evidence that global warming is occurring.” But according to Giaever, people in the third world are not fleeing their homes due to global warming, but because of poverty. “We should help them come out of poverty”, he said.

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