Chaos On The Streets Of London

A police car was set on fire by an anti-capitalist demonstrator, who was wearing a Colmar ski jacket that cost hundreds of pounds

Photos and video here:

Chaos on the streets of London: Million Mask March anarchist – in a £500 jacket – trashes police car as fireworks are aimed at horses in clashes outside Buckingham Palace and Hunger Games premiere:

  • Thousands of masked anti-capitalist demonstrators descended on central London for a Bonfire Night protest 
  • Video footage taken shows activist smashing up flaming police car while wearing jacket worth hundreds of pounds
  • They also tried to target Buckingham Palace, launching bottles, cones and fireworks at mounted police outside  
  • At least 50 people have been arrested and four police officers have been taken to hospital with injuries
  • Anonymous, the anarchist hacking group behind the march, told those taking part, ‘police are not your friends’
  • Do you know the protester in the pricey Colmar jacket? Call 0203 615 1265 or email

Thousands of protesters wearing sinister Guy Fawkes masks brought chaos to the streets of London last night.

Hundreds of anarchists were held back by police outside Buckingham Palace. They aimed fireworks at the police horses and also tried to dazzle them with laser pointers.

Another group targeted the UK premiere of the new Hunger Games film in Leicester Square, moments after Hollywood stars including Jennifer Lawrence and Julianne Moore had walked the red carpet.

Meanwhile, one anarchist was filmed smashing up a flaming police car – while wearing a Colmar ski jacket that cost around £475.

Elsewhere, officers were forced to brandish their batons after clashes turned violent as the vandals marauded through the streets, setting off smoke bombs and daubing graffiti. A total of 50 people have been arrested and at least three officers have been taken to hospital with injuries.

2 thoughts on “Chaos On The Streets Of London”

  1. Oh yes
    Those dirty nasty masses of peons displaying their anger and frustration against the honest, noble chivalric politicians and corporate Angels of innovation and generosity
    I mean how dare they wear a expensive jacket (made for £2 by child labour, in a third world country, in a factory that’s a death trap,by a company that pays its execs millions, in a country where “value added tax” is over 20%, run by a corporate socialist government that’s killing and harming millions worldwide, giving banks 1.5 trillion warring £6000 suits (bought on expenses) whilst demanding more eternal austerity in one of the most expensive cities in the world,where simply the cost of living is much higher than the national average)
    I mean …..just where do these people get off trying to defend the rights and privalages that the peasantry have had to fight for since the conception of rule and governance

    I like the sound of the days where a leader got f**k all, the people provided gifts and banquets to celebrate and reward said leader for their actions and deeds

    Not thrown a big pile of cash and hope for the best ….that just ends in the vilest of debauchery… Like getting coked up and sticking your dick in a pig….or worse children(and then spending £££ trying to cover it up and having people taken out of the picture)

    But at least we have the further erosion to look forward to and hopefully soon protests and demonstrations will be totally illegal

  2. And anyway
    Wasn’t it that c**t CaMORON that said “in the winter if your cold put a jumper on” what? As long as we deem it an acceptable jumper of a poor enough quality and low enough price?

    Can’t f***ing win


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