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… I was actually hoping that someone, other than reader S.M., would donate.

You can look up how often he has contributed HERE.

(And please, if you yourself are short of money, then don’t even think about donating.)

Twenty-second donation in 2015.

Infinite Unknown reader S. M. donated $50.

Thank you for your continuing support!

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10 thoughts on “Donation”

  1. Sadly most people will pick up a newspaper full of lies, commercial ads, disinformation & propaganda and expect to pay for it.

    But the alternative press and internet media are the ones who have worked tirelessly to expose the matrix of bullshit we have been fed for decades, if not centuries.

    That effort alone has resulted in an awakening of the masses, which will only lead to the hundredth monkey syndrome if it is supported further.

    Many sites have disappeared through being unable to cover expenses. These sites, the fees & support, as well as the endless research to keep them up to date cost several hundred bucks every month, so if no adverts/commercials are allowed to clutter them, the costs can only be met by the site owner and donors.

    Infinite Unknown is a clean, tidy site with excellent link connections supporting the stories. No other site does this without the page being littered with clutter.

    Perhaps the time to sell your soul like the rest, has come? Reality really is the mother of necessity.

  2. Although it is absolutely clear that the so called mainstream media excrete mainly propaganda mixed with low level articles aimed at the lowest instincts of the human being, it is by no means sure that alternative media always contribute to spreading the truth and nothing but the truth. Readers have to be aware that these media can just as well spread disinformation, in some cases simply because they are financed and steered by the same masters as the ones that control the mainstream media, who are trying to make any other information look doubtful.. Although I have no reason to distrust the owner of this site, ‘InfiniteUnknown’, even if he refuses to make himself known to his readers, I have sporadically seen some articles pass by here that are very far from the truth. And I have no problem with that, because in the end it is us, the readers, who have to try to synthesize our own ‘final truth’, by reading as much as we can and using logic as a means to come to conclusions that should be always in a state of flux. I also confirm with gratitude that, over the years, this site has helped me open my eyes on several matters. However this should not be the point of discussion here. The real focus should be on the fact that quite a lot of people read the articles on this site on a regular basis and neglect to support the person who does all the work. Either you read this site and pay your contribution, or you don’t read it. Otherwise you are a ‘free-rider’, a ‘voyeur’ without honour or respect. And surely we can’t all pretend to be low-income people who can’t afford to contribute. People who have the educational level to comprehend the bulk of the articles on this site are usually not only found in the lowest income classes.

  3. Dear Lana,
    I am pleased you find this site worthwhile, and make bloody good points, but I would like to point out that by contributing and helping the owner, you will learn much more, and , as I have, benefited immensely, culturally, psychologically and socially from knowing him.
    It is difficult to know exactly what is truth, and like you say, we have to ‘synthesise’, a fair summary, though I prefer the simpler ‘filter’. Nobody can get it perfect, but T definitely gets the balance on an international scale, & that is why I personally feel this site is the best of a very good bunch, and I check out at least twenty per day.
    Get on board, please.

  4. Dear Squodgy,
    I have been reading this site for many, many years now. At times i was so addicted to it that I was checking it several times a day, only to be unhappy and disappointed when there were ‘no new postings’. It was like having some sort of ‘withdrawal symptoms’. But i have learned to cope with that now :-)).
    At the beginning of this year I sent my donation – which i plan to do every year – even if the owner refuses to honour my request to make himself known, to come out of his hiding. If only a part of his many readers would do this, then the owner certainly wouldn’t have to complain so much anymore, which he rightfully does now. And by the way Squodgy (or whatever your real name may be), what do you mean by ‘Get on board now.’? There is nothing or nobody to get on board with. Everything and everybody behind this site is Unknown. So you are asking to get on board of a ‘ghost ship’. And even if the people behind this site would come out of the dark, then still they would be like so many others in the ‘alternative media’; who, on a daily basis, claim to inform the ‘ordinary’ people about how terrifying, corrupt, absurd, greedy, degraded, etc., this world has become, without daring to be leaders themselves and organizing the people behind them in a real resistance movement. They have become a modern version of the ‘Salon revolutionaries’ in the pre-revolutionary (pre-1789) France, who were blamed to only spread dissent, without taking undertaking any real action themselves. If anything practical these modern salon-revolutionaries have attained, it is that most people have withdrawn into their own ‘cocoon’, some fearful, others feeling powerless or indifferent, because they now believe that everything they say or write to anybody and by any means of communication can be checked by secret services and nothing can be done against the government. Modern TV’s, computers and smartphones can be used to eavesdrop on any subject of the populace at any time. Moreover the ‘Powers That Be’ have so much financial and military power and means of total control, that a single citizen sees no way whatsoever to rebel even a tiny little bit. So what’s next? Will we have to ‘wake up’ and ‘become aware’ for the rest of our lives, while simultaneously undergoing the total control over our private lives anyway? Even the Greek people, while being humiliated, robbed and cheated in so many ways, still adapt to the new situation like sheep in a herd. Even democracy doesn’t work anymore for the people who invented democracy some thousands of years ago. Are we waiting for things to explode in a far distant future? Knowingly or unknowingly, these alternative media may be contributing to what the Powers That Be wanted all along: a people that is fearful, motionless, without hope, servile, with every bit of creativity and joy-of-live being sucked out of them. As in any similar situation in history, the only people left who can claim to be a bit free are the ones who become less attached to their own material life and who don’t fear death. But these people, with the exception of brainwashed ‘military men and women’, so called ‘terrorists’ or some type of mentally ill people, are very very few. So the true question is: ‘what now?’. Nothing?

  5. Dear Lana,
    You make interesting points and those specific to my abilities & knowledge I will deal with.
    Firstly, as you may find in many early postings with reader M.G., my name is Stanley, I do not hide it. I am old & retired with little to shout about but experience.
    Secondly, when you posted your donation through PAYPAL, you will have received an acknowledgement from “Infinite”. That is how I locked on and discovered his real name, he does not hide it.
    Thirdly, the thought control police are incrementally targeting free speech and its supporters, even assassinating those they consider a threat to their aims. Read Breitbart, Michael Hastings et al. This must only lead to self preservation first. Sticking one’s head over the parapet in an information war, is suicide except for those too well known, as they are potential martyrs. There is a current threat that anyone with a T-shirt or bumper sticker message challenging official Government policy, is to be classed as a domestic terrorist in USA. A good enough reason to see why exposure is unwise, considering the recent spate of trigger happy officers of the law.
    Fourthly, they use trolls and shills to post garbage and disinformation on blogs, thus clogging up active opining. Many sites I visit report data wipe-outs, physical threats etc, especially where the constant lies from israel is concerned, so I for one believe the establishment are trying hard to stop the awakening. It hasn’t got to the hundredth monkey yet, he/she is still sat in MacDonalds watching the game.
    Fifthly, by getting on board, I meant post links on articles you find which you feel could be pertinent. Quite a few I.U. readers surf for updates or new stuff for infinite to check out. All we do is copy the URL of the article page, and paste it into the comments box of an associated article on IU using the search box. Even I can do it.
    The link between banks, government and global corporations is what feeds the greed. Our support of global corporative goods by unwittingly consuming or using the crap which is advertised most, helps feed that greed. To change that, we can start to starve them of their profits, that is the first step. Just think of all the corporate names, which even hide on unknown products. We must learn to read who’s who. It’s actually good fun.

  6. Dear squodgy,
    This article is already somewhat back in time, so you will be probably the only reader to see it, which is perfectly fine with me. So these are my remarks to your latest reaction.
    First, stating that your name is Stanley doesn’t really bring you into the international spotlight. There must be at least tens of thousands of Stanleys in this world. But I want to praise you for your heroic disclosure anyway. Furthermore, if it is so easy to find out about the name of the owner of this site, then why doesn’t he just publish name and photo here, just as e.g. Paul Craig Roberts, Catherine Austin Fitts and so many others do?
    Second, when i made my payment through Paypal, I too discovered the name of the site owner, only to find out that there are several people with the same name scattered around the world. So which one is he?
    Third, the fact that you know that I made a payment through Paypal disappoints me. In your frequent comments you often introduce yourself as a reader (‘H/t reader Squodgy…’) and I would value it greatly if the owner of the site wouldn’t release my data to other readers and would protect my privacy.
    Fourth, you contradict yourself when you say “The thought control police are incrementally targeting free speech and its supporters, even assassinating those they consider a threat to their aims. .[….]. This must only lead to self preservation first.”, while in your preceding sentences you claim that it is so easy to find out about the site owner’s name through Paypal. So according to your own words the so called ‘thought police’, whom the site owner is supposed to fear, already knows all his data. Your statements lack logic.
    Fifth, you said ‘get onboard’ means send links in the comment section of a posted article. How are we supposed to know that? Why is that not mentioned on the site?
    Sixth, if you think that you can starve the global corporations by not buying their products, you surely cannot be accused of being realistic. They are employing, directly or indirectly most of the people that you want to mobilize, and, I think that the large majority of the people wouldn’t even consider giving up
    their self-satisfying life, if they are not forced to do so. Your noble goal has rather theoretical characteristics. Moreover, these corporations and the banks behind them can buy almost anything and anybody. Their problem would be solved quickly, because they could just buy enough of your fellow ‘dissendents’ to make your movement collapse, because most people still can be bought, influenced, steered, actively or passively, and that is precisely the reason why we are in this situation now. Much of the ‘populus’ is too much engaged in their own little self-centered environment, too little informed (for which they can only blame themselves), too opportunistic to ever give up their status quo and to help fulfill your dream of flooring the giant corporations and banks. It will take new generations of highly educated, extremely strong minded, emphatic, non-selfish young people if we even want to have a shred of possibility to change the current situation. And the most important thing after that is to take back the control over the issue of money. And if nothing succeeds and the world is destroyed then i wont be crying.
    Seventh, some people try to take reality inward, based on some interpretations of quantum physics. Like John Frusciante sings in his song ‘Going Inside’. Modern preachers like David Icke have taken over this idea. We are supposed to create our own reality and if we don’t then others will do it for us. And all reality is but a hologram, created from inside our real brain or from some kind of universal data matrix. So we don’t have to worry about the world because it is just a projection and it can change in an instant if our collective consciousness changes. The only problem i have with this is that this theory (quantum physics) is based on observations made in that very ‘fake’ world that we create ourselves. So if the theory says that reality is not real then how can that theory be real if it is based on measurements made in that non-real reality? But never mind. It is probably an unsolvable dillemma.
    Eighth, I for one have decided to try to help people on a personal basis. I allocate finances to extremely poor people who had a damn hard life and who never had a chance to get a proper education, but for some reason try to build their own life and show an unbelievable coureage in doing that. And my only request to them is to help others later, after they succeed. Maybe I’m just a Christian after all, even if I dislike religions very much. And for the rest i just admire our cats (mother and son) for their ability to survive and be happy and satisfied even if they are not aware of the ‘matrix’ and all the nonsense happening in our reality.
    I wish you all the best Stanley and I’m happy that at least some people started to donate again. I think we should kick the readers’ asses more regularly, because it is really a disgrace that so many expect to get without giving.
    Take good care of yourself.

    • To Lana,

      As you know, I only post the initials of readers who donated (and not even that if that is not wanted by the donor).

      At no time have there been any data releases about donations and donors to other readers (or anybody else).

      Your privacy and and the privacy of all other readers is protected.

  7. Lana,
    Your thoughts and comments are appreciated. This post is to prove some of us value dialogue in the hope that the hundredth monkey principal will prevail.
    For instance, five years ago I persistently embarrassed my family by highlighting what I saw was the obvious chemtrailing of our country.
    I withstood ridicule, because, being old I can actually remember vivid blue skies with cotton wool clouds, thus proving to myself first that our skies were being messed with.
    Now, I don’t have to say anything.
    And that is the point I make. Look at the fast food industry, MacDonalds, or our nemesis Monsatan, The world is turning against GMO’s, as it did with Whaling when Greenpeace kicked off.
    So, your apathy/negativity re the ability of those who consume to get their priorities right is unfounded.
    We learn to question everything we are told these days, because most of it is lies.
    You wouldn’t visit IU if you believed what the official line tells you.
    I recently suffered from underarm rash. Decided to check it out. Seems all the well known anti perspirants clog up the sweat glands to stop them working. Most of our lymph glands reside there. 100% of Breast cancer tissue has a substance called parabenze in it. A benzene based preservative in moisturisers and anti perspirants.
    Once learnt, and passed on, the hundredth monkey won’t be far behind.
    Pray tell me what other way we mere individuals can use to preserve our species in the wake of the plans laid out by the Georgia Stones?
    Take care yourself.


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