1 thought on “The Economic Indicators Show We Are Headed For A Big Crash (Video)”

  1. The FED’s remarks their interest rate hike (unchanged for 9 yrs 9 mos) depended on global economic uncertainty, low US exports…..Cries we are going into “disinflation”…..another word for the depressed prices such as we labored under during the Great Depression. These idiots call the current depression the “great recovery”….Orwellian and deceptive.

    Falling prices for everything is deflation…..not disinflation. Deflation kept us in the Great Depression far longer than we had to be because people kept waiting for prices to fall more before buying…….Until nobody could sell anything because people feared the future would be as grim as the present.

    Falling prices for consumer requirements? Mortgage rates, rental costs, energy & food prices, insurance….all are skyrocketing. But, these idiots don’t consider what the average citizen has to buy in their Inflation index…..Just their mendacious figures. 5% unemployment……regardless 94 million of the slightly over 200 million working age Americans struggle with long term unemployment…….The economy is recovering according to them.

    Forget the layoffs, mandatory insurance costs, rising medical and dental costs, costs in all areas affecting the consumer are rising far beyond 2% per year….

    Some of the financial people think Yellen was showing a FED that fears the future and is far more affected by global fallout than any of US leaders like to show…..

    Yellen called the August market collapse “turbulence”. These people are so afraid of the truth, they cannot even use the correct words……….

    Nobody believes them anymore, US media is 100% corporate controlled propaganda…….


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