We Just Broke 2008’s Record For The Fastest Economic Unraveling!

We Just Broke 2008’s Record For The Fastest Economic Unraveling! (First Rebuttal, May 1, 2015)

The final Q1 GDP revision was just released and we saw that GDP has again missed expectations by such a large margin that 2015 is another write off for a 3% growth year.  Almost comically we heard the same excuses we got last year.  “Weather was wintery and next year is going to be the turnaround year”.  So in order to explain to these supposed economic and market ‘experts’ who seem wholly incapable of understanding economic and market forces with any sense of accuracy, let’s run through a few fundamentals.

1 thought on “We Just Broke 2008’s Record For The Fastest Economic Unraveling!

  1. The article is ominous. Sure, the consumer is tapped out. Just look at food, energy and shelter costs. Gas is going up once again regardless the financial channels claim cheap oil is hurting Russian and Iranian economies…….never mind the US is the largest producer of oil in the world……..any losses are never mentioned.

    Never mind one in three Americans are unemployed……one in two suffer the same fate in the Euro zone.

    Just reviewing food, energy and shelter prices….. No wonder the consumer isn’t spending……..wages are low, not keeping up with costs of living, and people cannot spend what they don’t have.

    MSNBC claims unemployment is 5%. Who are they kidding?
    No wonder Americans are abandoning cable TV at record rates. Not only is it expensive, it insults the intelligence of anyone with half a mind.

    The situation has gotten too dire, and Americans are awakening to the truth. 99% of all new earned money goes to the top 1% who don’t need it anyway. When one in three are unemployed………..?
    People are getting angry, and America isn’t a nation that will just suck it up forever. It is time for change, and a clinton or a bush isn’t the answer, regardless of the lies they sprout.

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