Meet The Clintons (Video)

Hillary Rodham Clinton Satanic Handsignbill_clinton-handsign


Shameless liars. Committed globalists. Inveterate womanizers. Unrepentant drug runners. Unconvicted money launderers. Fake humanitarians. And two of the most popular politicians in America. Meet the Clintons.

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  1. No, they are not the most popular politicians in America…..After his signing away all the solid regulations on our markets that Glass-Steagel provided……for a while, he may have gotten away with it……..he certainly made hundreds of millions on it……..but only to the most ignorant of the US sheep.

    Those of us with a memory recall clearly they showed up in Washington DC with just a few thousand dollars…….they certainly managed to make up for any lost time……enough to waste $2 million on their daughter’s wedding a few years ago…..and got the fawning press to leave the story alone.

    But for those of us who have lost our life savings, the results of their administration……..when she ran in 2008, she was proved to be the most divisive candidate in modern history. If the democrats are fool enough to run her in 2016, they will lose. She is just as revolting as in 2016.

    And if the republicans are fool enough to run another bush from that most toxic of US families……….they might disgust enough people to get off their lazy asses to build some strong 3rd and 4th parties……………………


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